Building to a Billion

Nautel has completed the installation of 27 MW-AM transmitters and associated equipment ordered in 2013 by India’s Prasar Bharati for All India Radio (AIR).

The original order for eleven 100 kW NX100, ten 200 kW NX200, and six 300 kW NX300 DRM-enabled MW-AM transmitters comprised the world’s largest digital radio deployment to date. This massive project has the goal of bringing digital radio to nearly a billion residents of India.

All transmitters in the system were configured for DRM30 transmission and are on air at 27 locations throughout India; click here to see a detailed map.

Working with Nautel on this large-scale deployment was Comcon, Nautel’s in-country partner along with Altronic, provider RF test loads; Digidia, provider of DRM modulators/content servers and Kintronic Labs, who supplied matching systems.

The NX200 flagship installation in Delhi.

The first transmitter, an NX200, shipped on August 27, 2013. This flagship installation in Delhi, led by Nautel Customer Service Technician, Bachar Dib, went on air (819 kHz) on May 30, 2014.


Nautel’s High Power NX Transmitters

Nautel NX Series MW transmitters were first introduced in 2007. These high power transmitters occupy a surprisingly small footprint for their power and offer the industry’s highest efficiency (90%) along with AM precorrection, unmatched linearity and Nautel’s exclusive, award-winning Advanced User Interface.
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