Nautel-DRMDigital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is the universal, openly standardized digital broadcasting system for all broadcasting frequencies up to 174 MHz, including LW, MW, SW, band I and II (FM band). It has been endorsed by the ITU, IEC and ETSI. DRM’s near-FM audio quality is excellent and the improvement upon analogue AM is immediately noticeable while DRM+ sound quality exceeds that of analog FM broadcasting, providing listeners with near CD quality sound. DRM can be used for a range of audio content, including multilingual speech music as well as offering the ability to integrate data and text. This additional content can be displayed on DRM receivers to enhance the listening experience.

Nautel DRM Solutions

Nautel offers the industry’s broadest offering of solid-state DRM models ranging from 1 kW to 2000 kW.


What are the Benefits of DRM?

DRM provides the exceptional sound quality and ease-of-use that listeners have come to expect from digital radio as well as a host of additional features:

For broadcasters, especially those broadcasting internationally, DRM means expanded coverage and the ability to provide millions of listeners with improved sound quality and a host of additional features not available with analog broadcasting. With its exceptional reach, DRM can also help broadcasters control their capital expenditure by eliminating the need for a network of transmitters or repeater stations. DRM is an ideal solution for broadcasters aiming for a national audience. Transmission costs for DRM broadcasts are no higher than those of analog Short and Medium wave broadcasts. DRM is also ideal for regional broadcasters who are trying to reach niche markets. The additional features offered by DRM and DRM+ help broadcasters target individual cities or smaller markets and develop additional revenue streams.

The World’s Largest Digital Radio Deployment To Date

The NX200 flagship installation in Delhi.

The NX200 flagship installation in Delhi.

All India Radio (AIR) is converting all its short wave and medium wave transmitters in India to DRM digital transmission.

All the MW transmitters are supplied by Nautel (NX Series), are configured for DRM30 transmission, and are being used in 27 locations throughout India.

Learn more about All India Radio’s High Power DRM-MW-AM deployment >

To learn more about how broadcasters can benefit from DRM and DRM+ technology, go to Digital Radio Mondiale.

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