Nautel now provides new instrumentation which allows real-time measurement of MER (Modulation error ratio). The measurements follow the new NRSC standards for measurement, and require no external equipment.
Real-time MER provides the ability to diagnose issues such as interference with the MP3 carriers near the analog signal due to FM analog signal over-modulation.

Available on Nautel GV, NV and NX Series transmitters with software release 4.0 or higher, the MER measurement may be viewed in the AUI Constellation View display on the front panel 17″ LCD touch screen, or via the web.
Initiate a spectrum view within the AUI. All subcarriers will be shown and individual subcarriers can be selected to display full detail.

Select a subcarrier using the mouse or AUI touchscreen.
Full MER analysis shown for the subcarrier.
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