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"The VS's remote control AUI looks and performs wonderfully and intuitively." Gene Sharp, Technician, WHVT/WHVY, OH

"The Nautel AUI permits WFMT engineers to monitor and control transmitter operations from the studio site, on a remote computer, or on a smartphone with internet access." Gordon Carter, Chief Engineer, WFMT, IL

"I can call Nautel and they can remotely access the transmitter to correct the problem from their office. How can you beat that?" Ken Kuenzie, President, Viper Communications

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Award-Winning Technology at Your Finger Tips

Nautel’s latest generation of transmitters were conceived with the intent to place enhanced control into the hands of engineers so that they could become more efficient in their work. Specifically our goal was to place more control and monitoring at the engineer’s finger tips than had ever been possible before whether the engineer was local to the transmitter or remote.

Given that control, our aim was to ensure fast diagnosis of transmission related issues, provide information that would allow engineers to be more proactive in their work and ultimately avoid trips to the transmitter site and achieve both time and financial savings.

The AUI can be accessed locally with a user provided laptop and remotely using the internet. Screens are easy to set up and read, and clearly display the parameters you need to see. No matter where you are, you’re only moments away from ensuring your transmitter is operating optimally.

AUI functionality includes:

  • Built-in commercial grade instrumentation
  • 100% remote access
  • SNMP support
  • Instrument grade audio spectrum analyzer
  • Comprehensive monitoring and control
  • Extensive logging of all events
  • Email notifications
  • Presets and easy transmitter control
  • Enhanced support services

Based on the innovative capabilities of the AUI, Nautel is proud to be recognized by the SBE with an award for "...the best new or innovative technical item to further the science of broadcast engineering."





RF and audio spectrum analyzers are included and pre configured to allow instantaneous analysis with out the need to set up or purchase expensive stand alone equipment costing thousands of dollars.

NEW! HD Radio MER Instrumentation (GV, NV and NX Series transmitters with software release 4.0)


No matter where you are, you’re only moments away from ensuring your transmitter is operating optimally. Open a web browser, enter your transmitter’s IP address and password and you’re connected. 100% of the local display functionality is available on any web-enabled device.




The AUI also supports Simple Network Management Protocal (SNMP), a network protocol that allows network management systems or a network operations center (NOC) to monitor network-attached transmitters.


Full logging of faults which can be stored indefinitely, downloaded on command or exported to Excel spreadsheets for analysis plus email notification of specific faults (user programmable) are standard features.




By building advanced control capability into equipment, vendors can dramatically change the support experience for the broadcast engineer. In Nautel’s case the engineer can permit a shared screen support session so that the Nautel service technician can “drive” the transmitter and expedite resolution of a customer issue. This same concept can be employed to enable remote assisted transmitter commissioning and post install optimization services.

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