HD Radio Evolves

June 2015. The HD Radio platform continues to evolve, with technical developments aimed at making it more consistent, efficient and profitable.

HD-Radio-Evolves-2015-RW-ebook-200Radio broadcasters have become more aware of the importance of diversity delay analog and digital audio synchronization; and more products are on the market to help.

Engineers are talking about a prototype technology that would enable placement of up to 15 audio streams or stations within 600 kHz of signal bandwidth or up to nine audio streams in 400 kHz of signal bandwidth. What might this portend?

A new nationwide monitoring network is focused on improving the quality of HD Radio broadcast operations and the consumer experience.

The latest IBOC broadcast systems architecture transforms the Importer, Exporter and Exgine hardware components into software-defined components that can run on any of three iBiquity-supported hardware platforms.

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