Working at Nautel

Nautel is an award-winning Nova Scotian company that has continuously demonstrated over its 49 years that it can innovate, garner industry leadership, help grow the local economy, and compete on a world stage.

Nautel is a company where employees build lifelong careers. Join a dedicated and loyal workforce and work within a team-based environment where the efforts of every team member count and you get to define the cutting-edge.
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What We Do

We are a global leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of transmitters for AM/FM radio stations, navigation, sonar systems, and industrial RF technology.
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World’s Best Transmitters

Our outstanding reliability, global presence, product efficiency and exceptional support have resulted in more than 16,000 Nautel transmitter deployments in 177 countries. We have attained #1 position for radio broadcast transmitters and exceptional customer satisfaction ratings.
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Current Job Openings

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North America Toll Free: 1.877.662.8835
International: +1.902.823.5131

North America Toll Free: 1.877.628.8353
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International: +1.902.823.5100
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India: +91 7042694841
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