Nautel Garners Three Industry Awards at NAB

Awards presented from Radio World and Radio Magazine honor new NX transmitters, HD Multiplex technology. Continue reading →

NPR Labs, Nautel Join Forces to Help FM Stations to Bolster HD Radio™ Broadcasts

NPR Labs IBOC Calculator Now Available on Nautel Web Site Continue reading →


Field Report: Nautel NV40

Radio Magazine, Apr 1, 2012, by Jim Stitt Continue reading →

FM Host Compatibility With HD PowerBoost IBOC Transmission

Radio World – Engineering Extra, August 17, 2011, by John Kean Continue reading>>


Nautel Releases NPR Labs Asymmetrical HD Transmission Report

Radio World, 06.15.2011, by Leslie Stimson Continue reading →

Nautel HD PowerBoost™ Proven in Independent Test

Report from NPR Labs validates Nautel’s technologies used to improve HD Radio™ coverage. Continue reading →

Nautel to Provide Free Asymmetrical Sideband Capability

Continue reading →

Nautel Offers Comprehensive Solutions for Digital Radio

A full suite of HD Radio™ and DRM / DRM+ solutions are now available including Asymmetrical Sideband and HD PowerBoost™ capabilities. Continue reading →

Nautel Readies HD PowerBoost™ for Production

With availability set for the 3rd quarter of 2010, HD PowerBoost will assist broadcasters in improving HD Radio™ coverage. Continue reading →

Nautel Demonstrates Proposed New Technology for Improved HD Radio™ Coverage

Using asymmetrical sidebands, broadcasters can independently set the injection level of the upper and lower digital sidebands to maximize coverage while protecting adjacent stations. Continue reading →

Nautel HD PowerBoost: How it Works

Radio Magazine Online, Feb 1, 2009, by Philipp Schmid Continue reading →

Nautel Turbocharges HD Transmitter Power

HD Power Boost optimizes IBOC peak to average power ratios, permitting higher HD levels with better transmitter efficiency. Continue reading →


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