HD Radio and the Case for ROI

December 2016. The question of return on investment has always been a big one for broadcasters when it comes to HD Radio, as with any technology decision. But it’s even more so for smaller and medium-sized broadcasters who may not have been involved in the IBOC initiative from the outset and for whom the ROI argument needs to be very clear indeed. Continue reading →

HD Radio From the Ground Up

July 2016. What should someone know who has watched HD Radio from a distance and now wants to get started? Basic questions and groundwork have evolved; engineering questions that applied five or 10 years ago are probably not as relevant today. Further, the HD Radio rollouts in Mexico and Canada are at much different stages than in the United States. Continue reading →

FM Translators

May 2016. The FM translator service is top of mind for many radio broadcasters in the U.S., mainly in conjunction with the AM revitalization efforts being carried out by the Federal Communications Commission. This eBook on FM translators presents three articles to help educate you on this important topic. Continue reading →

AM Revitalization: AM Radio’s Unique Opportunity

February 2016. Stations licensed to the U.S. AM radio band are in a time of dramatic change and challenge. This eBook helps you untangle the details and implications of the FCC’s big order and understand what else is coming. Continue reading →

HD Radio in the Connected Car

January 2016. If the connected car is becoming essentially a “smartphone on wheels,” radio’s presence in both is a matter of critical concern. What role should HD Radio play in this exciting, daunting future? Continue reading →

HD Radio Evolves

June 2015. The HD Radio platform continues to evolve, with technical developments aimed at making it more consistent, efficient and profitable. Continue reading →

LPFM on Fire

February 2015. The expansion of the low-power FM service in the United States continues apace, bringing a fresh injection of signals to the band after the recent FCC application window. Continue reading →

What’s Next for HD Radio 2015

December 2014. In-depth exploration of next steps for the digital radio technology, with a focus on U.S. implementation issues. Continue reading →

What’s Next for HD Radio

April 2014. High-level perspective and update of changes in recent years, and discussion on possible direction it will take next from proponents, critics and other observers. Continue reading →

Digital Radio Around the World

February 2014. Digital Radio Around the World focuses on radio’s transition to digital outside the United States. Continue reading →

LPFM 2014: Low-Power Stations Ramp Up

January 2014. We’re at a time of great change on the U.S. FM band, with the Federal Communications Commission moving to approve hundreds — perhaps thousands — of new low-power stations. Continue reading →

Transmission Technology

December 2012. An exploration of trends and what’s next in various segments of radio station operations and new media management. Continue reading →


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