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Videos FM Transmitters

Introduction to the VX Series

Demonstrating our new VX Series; rack-mount, analog FM transmitters with power levels of 150 W to 5 kW.

Virtual Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Nautel brings its innovative thinking to the FAT process which can now be performed online. Our Virtual FATs can be applied…

Repairs Process

Information on how to get your Nautel assembly repaired. One of a series of helpful videos that answer some of your…

Quote Request Process

How Nautel Customer Support can generate a quotation for you as expeditiously as possible. One of a series of helpful videos…

Where is my Manual?

Information on how to locate you Nautel transmitter manual. One of a series of helpful videos that answer some of your…

VS Series Installation Overview

Initial installation and configuration of the Nautel VS Series FM transmitter. VS Unboxing & Setup Video AUI Overview Video Brendan Tipney…

Backup Audio

How to set up the backup audio on your Nautel transmitter so you have an automatic failover to your backup audio…

NVLT Upgradable to HD Radio

Nautel NVLT transmitters now have an upgrade path to HD Radio. Jeff Welton, Nautel Broadcast Sales…

La Familia VS (ES)

Los transmisores FM de la familia VS de Nautel son como ningún otro.

VS Unboxing & Setup Video

What to expect when unpacking and setting up your VS Series transmitter. VS Series Installation Overview (installation and configuration) Adam Middelkoop…

Introducing the GV60 & GV80 Transmitters

Introducing Nautel’s new high power FM transmitters, the GV60 and GV80 models.

Presentación Transmisores GV60 y GV80 (ES)

Presentamos los nuevos transmisores FM de alta potencia de Nautel, los modelos GV60 y GV80.

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