Five Reasons to Switch from a Tube Transmitter to Solid State

1 – Lower Cost of Ownership

Yes, a new transmitter can be a big investment – but that new transmitter may pay for itself via lower operating costs. You’ll have a lower power bill (MUCH lower in some cases) and won’t have to keep spending money to rebuild or replace tubes (which can cost up to $40,000 over a transmitter’s typical life!). Combined with easier maintenance, your new solid-state transmitter can show a solid ROI.

Some broadcasters who have leased their transmitters have made the lease payments out of the savings in operating costs! Estimate your projected savings now using our Cost of Operation Calculator

2 – Better Warranty and Parts Availability

Let’s face it – we all know that it’s getting harder and harder to find either a new or rebuilt tube that will give you the same lifespan that you got 20-30 years ago. In a lot of cases, you’re looking at replacing the finals almost once a year and not everybody has a stock of rebuilds, or even a “dud library” anymore.

Did you know that, in addition to continuing to support gear we built 50 years ago, Nautel offers an industry-leading standard 4-year warranty on new transmitters?

3 – HD Radio® Ready

Solid-state transmitters are optimized for HD Radio. When you’re ready to move to digital operation, your transmitter is ready too.

Nautel innovations can ensure robust HD Radio coverage – you don’t have to give up any of your listening area to take advantage of the great features offered through HD Radio operation.

4 – A Life Outside of Work

Go ahead and plan that gathering with friends – you won’t have to worry about having to dash to the transmitter because a power supply or amp went out and took you off air! The redundancy built in to a solid-state transmitter will keep it going even if an amp or power supply goes down. Maintenance is much easier, too.

You can set up your Nautel transmitter so that, if there’s a module failure, you’re notified immediately. With remote access to IP-equipped transmitter sites, our industry-leading Customer Support can diagnose a fault and initiate a parts order within minutes of your call, without you having to leave the barbecue!

5 – Life at Work is Safer

Tube voltage can be lethal – up to 10,000 V (or more). Solid-state transmitters operate at only a few hundred volts. You still want to be careful when you open the transmitter cabinet, but the voltages are safer.

Nautel transmitters are designed for “hot-swap” capability, allowing you to safely replace PA modules or power supplies while the transmitter is on-air. Tube transmitters usually must be taken off-air for service.

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