HD Radio

HD Radio Broadcasting in Your Future?

Maybe you’re launching an HD station for the first time. Or increasing the power of your existing digital signal, or adding multiplexed channels. Maybe you just want to know that the investment you’re making today can get you to digital someday.

Nautel has you covered, thanks to our field-proven, high performance HD Radio solutions, and ongoing R&D in digital radio technology.

About HD Radio

HD Radio is iBiquity’s “in-band on-channel” (IBOC) digital radio technology that lets broadcasters build digital capabilities without sacrificing their established analog frequency and audience.

Start by simply adding a high-quality digital copy of your existing analog content to your FM or AM transmitted signal. Analog listeners will see no change, but customers with digital receivers will now receive the high-quality digital signal. Signal fading, static, hisses, and pops will be a thing of the past.

FM broadcasters can choose to add up to three new digital channels and new digital data content, all on your original station frequency. Data services such as displayed song and artist information, weather and traffic alerts, and more will revolutionize the way your customers experience AM and FM radio.

And it’s all FREE for consumers, just like today’s analog AM and FM radio.

Nautel HD Radio Innovations

  • Award-winning, experimental technology Nautel HD Multiplex – a spectrally- and energy-efficient all-digital radio
  • Highest hybrid IBOC efficiency for GV Series with HD spectrum/efficiency optimizer, dynamic RDS scrolling, and oscilloscope instrumentation
  • MER HD Radio Instrumentation
  • Patented HD PowerBoost Gen4 for hybrid peak/crest reduction.
  • High-power solid-state FM transmitter, the NV Series.
  • Asymmetrical HD sidebands, included free
  • HD Reliable Transport for enhanced HD Radio feed
  • Ultra-linear transmitter designs
  • Robust solid-state digital components
  • Simple upgrade paths enable migration to digital when ready
  • Single-cabinet, solid-state transmitters with power outputs of over 36 kW in -14 dB hybrid mode and over 26 kW for -10 dB
  • AUI and built-in instrumentation for optimal HD Radio signal

HD Radio Products

HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter
HD MultiCast+ Importer
Exporter Plus
VS Digital Exciter
AM Digital Exciter

HD Innovations

HD PowerBoost GEN4
Digital Adaptive Pre-Correction
Asymmetrical Sidebands
HD Radio Single Frequency Networks (SFN)
HD Reliable Transport Suite
HD Multiplex