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VS300 for LPFM


Nautel Customer Story
Nothing out there even compared to the value and quality of the VS300LP with its long-lasting reliability, integrated AUI interface, and the killer integrated RDS feature. Most noticeable improvement was to sound quality and clarity... more»


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If you’re considering manufacturers such as Elenos, DB Elettronica and RVR, we invite you to take a hard look at Nautel transmitters to see why customers in 177 countries rely on Nautel, the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturer of Radio Broadcast Equipment.


VS Series NVLT Series
VS Series: 300 W – 2.5 kW FM NVLT: 3.5 kW – 40 kW FM


What Nautel offers compared to Elenos, DB Elettronica, RVR

Feature Nautel Elenos, DB Elettronica and RVR
Built-in Instrumentation
Award-winning AUI saves time, trips and money
IP Audio I/O
Livewire Input
Direct to Digital Exciter
Optional Orban Inside
4-year Warranty
Advanced preset to control content, source and power
Content Scheduler
“Never discontinued support on any transmitter, ever.”
Outstanding 90 dB S/N Audio Quality
Designs optimized for your specific power requirement
Push radio for local playout
Upgrade path to HD Radio or DRM+
Back-up audio storage
Back-up source automation
Built-in web server (no add on units)
Aluminum fabrication, light weight, no rust, long life
Quality North American ISO Manufacturing
High efficiency
Low cost of ownership


Top Questions for Nautel:

I'm looking for a 1 kW transmitter. Won't a Nautel transmitter cost more than an Elenos or RVR?
You’d be surprised. Nautel transmitters include back-up automation, advanced remote control that can save trips back and forth to the transmitter site and instrumentation that alone might cost thousands of dollars. Consider also that Nautel’s inexpensive Orban Inside option, at just $1200, can help you avoid the much higher cost and complexity of a separate audio processing system. Also recognize that while some transmitters are optimized for lowest cost, Nautel transmitters have a reputation for outliving most other products.
Why does direct to digital exciter matter and doesn't everyone offer one of these?
Our customers often talk about “The Nautel Sound” which in reality is actually a lack of sound. Nautel employs a direct-to-channel digital exciter in its transmitters which eliminates the microphonics and spurious outputs associated with an analog drive chain. The result is a pure signal and lower signal-to-noise ratio than our competitors.


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