MDCL for AM Power Savings

Recently, the NRSC provided a new AM MDCL Usage Guideline, NRSC-G101, the purpose of which is to provide useful information to broadcasters that will assist them in using MDCL technology. We know of many customers who are using the MDCL energy-saving transmitter technology to huge success, and even one who is saving over 40% in power costs! Click here to hear from four different customers running MDCL on a total of 11 Nautel transmitters – both new (NX) and old (XR, XL & ND). They share how easy it was to implement MDCL, which algorithm they used, their actual power savings, and the zero impact on station coverage and audio quality.

To implement MDCL technology, AM licensees need a waiver of rules – read the FCC Public Notice. Nautel has made this power-saving technology FREE in its NX Series transmitters since the first NX rolled out in 2008, but you can also implement MDCL on older Nautel AM transmitters. Our MDCL Resource page is a great place to start if you want to learn more >

Nautel Head of Engineering Tim Hardy talks about AM Power Savings at NAB 2012

Nautel Head of Engineering Tim Hardy talks about AM Power Savings technology at the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Continue reading →

MDCL Operation Is a Winner for High-Power AM

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Cris Alexander of Crawford Broadcasting Sees ‘Very Tangible Savings’ With MDCL and Nautel Transmitters

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Head of Engineering Tim Hardy Activates MDCL on an NX100 Transmitter

Nautel’s Head of Engineering Tim Hardy shows us how to activate MDCL on an NX Series Transmitter. All NX Series Transmitters come from the factory with MDCL capabilities. MDCL can be activated through the NX Series Transmitter Advanced User Interface (AUI) locally or remotely. Continue reading →


Crawford Saving Money with MDCL and Nautel Transmitters

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KSPN Is Running MDCL in L.A.

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AM Power Saving Techniques

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Nautel Webinar to Discuss AM Power Saving Techniques

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Alaska Test Produces Lower AM Power Costs

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