Jeff Welton, who writes the Tips ‘n Tricks column in the Nautel Waves newsletter, is offering a random draw of three NAB Engineering Handbooks (11th edition) in exchange for your best radio broadcast engineering ideas for his column.

Jeff says that he can provide the most useful material to readers by providing examples of things that engineers in the field have come up with, whether it’s an easier way to do something, or a new creation that solves a problem. We think Jeff just wants our readers do the work for him – but we could be wrong!

To enter, use the form below to submit your best radio broadcast engineering idea(s) by midnight ET, Friday December 15, 2017.

Think of things you do with equipment that may not have been the original design intent, but that have made your life easier at some point. Ideas do NOT have to be related to, or feature, Nautel equipment, but they DO have to be related to some aspect of radio broadcasting. Entries that do not include an engineering idea will be discarded.


Contest Entry Form

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