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Install the Latest Software… Please!, September 4, 2014


After visiting several transmitter sites this summer, Jeff is on a quest (OK maybe a bit of a rant) to get you to upgrade your software.

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Extending the Life of your Transmitter, June 24, 2014


While visiting transmitter sites in the upper Midwest, Jeff observed a few things covered in a recent transmitter reliability webinar which bear repeating as we enter the summer storm season in North America.

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Have Your Transmitter Text Alarm Messages to You, May 8, 2014


In the old days, if something went wrong at the station, someone would dial your pager pretty quickly to get your attention. But now that we have moved on to mostly empty studios and monitor everything by smart phones and email, how can you be sure that you will not miss an important alarm? Jeff Welton has a tip to share.

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Tips ‘n Tricks from the NAB Show Floor, April 30, 2014


During the NAB show, Jeff shook thousands of hands and spoke to an equal number of people. Some of these conversations were related to making Nautel equipment do certain things. Jeff shares and expands on these conversations in this article.

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Tips ‘n Tricks for Surviving NAB, March 28, 2014


As a long-time attendee of NAB, Jeff has a few NAB-specific Tips ‘n Tricks he’d like to share for surviving NAB. He covers everything from ground transportation and badge pick-up to food, gambling and staying comfortable.

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It’s an IP Enabled World, December 10, 2013


Jeff Welton discusses a few things to remember when configuring your transmitter for operation on a network.

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What You Need to Know Before Calling Nautel, September 3, 2013


Jeff Welton details what you need to know to get the most out of your calls to us. What you need to know: before you order; at order time; before equipment is delivered; and, when calling for technical support.

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Checking Ground Radial Integrity / Making a Quarter Wave Stub, June 18, 2013


Jeff Welton details how to check ground radial integrity without digging, and how to make a quarter wave stub.

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Make Your Own Clamp-on RF Current Probe, April 18, 2013


Jeff Welton details how to build an RF current probe. In AM sites, this can be very useful in many ways. First, to check for the presence of RF on a wire, and to adjust tuning to null or peak the current flow. It’s also a good way to check RF currents in ground radials to see if you’ve got a broken radial.

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Transmitter Site Safety, February 12, 2013


Jeff Welton discusses the importance of safety; both at Nautel and measures you can take to stay safe at the transmitter site.

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How to Make ‘Roll Your Own’ Carbon Ball Gaps, November 13, 2012


Jeff Welton details how to make ‘roll your own’ carbon ball gaps; where to get them, how to make them, etc. Carbon balls make great spark gaps, because they don’t suffer from metal migration during arcs, like brass or steel.

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The Ideal Surge Protector Location for Lightning Protection, September 4, 2012


Jeff Welton details the ideal surge protector location for lightning protection.

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The UPS Interface Option, July 17, 2012


Jeff Welton details the UPS interface option, what it does and why it’s important.

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Fixing AUI Lockups & the Importance of Software Updates, May 23, 2012


Jeff Welton details the official factory-approved reset procedures for AUI lockups on NX and NV Series transmitters, as well as the importance of updating your transmitters with Nautel’s latest software updates.

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More Heating and Cooling, April 3, 2012


Jeff Welton features a letter from Mike Payne, with Townsquare Media’s Twin Falls, ID stations who wrote in to share his experience about why keeping things warm enough is as important as keeping them cool enough.

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Heat & Hardware Checks, January 24, 2012


Jeff Welton discusses why it’s necessary to HEAT the transmitter room, and the need for annual hardware checks.

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Heat Wave! July 27, 2011


Jeff Welton discusses air handling. By examining the air handling specifics of two transmitter sites, Jeff demonstrates how a few minor changes can provide major benefits to your transmitter.

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Shields up! April 5, 2011


Jeff Welton discusses the tried and true but frequently underutilized – Ferrite Toroid – as a means of surge/lightning protection and pickup reduction.

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Staying grounded, January 25, 2011


Jeff Welton discusses good grounding for lightning protection.

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Critter control / Air handling, November 17, 2010


Jeff Welton discusses critter control, and air flow – both hot and cold.

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iPhone AUI / Proper grounding / Replacement Ampfet fuses, September 15, 2010


John Bisset discusses: how to set-up Nautel’s AUI on your iPhone; fixing hot toroid cores on an XR12; and avoiding a short in the Rectifier/Regulator Module of an AMPFET 5.

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VS300 as an exciter / Avoiding oxidation, July 7, 2010


John Bisset discusses the impact of Eimac discontinuing their 4CX300A tube, and why our Nautel field service technicians would never be caught without a can DeoxIT®.

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NV module installation / Ampfet cooling tips, May 25, 2010


John Bisset discusses PA module protective panel covers for NV series transmitters and older Ampfet models.

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