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About Release 4

What’s included in Release 4?
Release 4 creates a common operating code and feature set for all AUI based Nautel products including NV, NVLT, NX, and VS. It includes feature enhancements and bug fixes. Highlights include: HD Radio MER Instrumentation/Metering; Port Forwarding; SNMP Traps; TLS Secured SMTP Servers Support; and, Customizable User Account Capabilities.
Where can I learn more about Release 4?
For more information on Release 4, please watch the detailed webinar Nautel NV and NX Series Release 4 Firmware Update. Release notes are available on the Latest Software page within Support.
What happened to Release 3? Why jump from 2 to 4? Did I miss a release?
Release 4 amalgamates all products (NV, NX, NVLT, VS) to the same release. Many were already at Release 3 so Release 4 is logical.
Is this also an upgrade for the NVLT?
NVLT already contains many of these features and was the template for NV4.
I have an older NV running older software. Does it apply for this upgrade?
Yes. Determine the software version on your transmitter via AUI and upgrade as required.
When will the Nautel Updater and Manager be available for Windows 8?
This is being reviewed, stay tuned! When it becomes available it will be located on the Nautel Updater/Manager page within Support.

Obtaining Release 4

How do we get the upgrade?
There are two options available.

Free Self-Serve

  • Download software file and documentation located on the Latest Software page within Support.
  • Purchase 4 GB SanDisk Ultra II CF Card (part # SDCFH-4096-901)
  • PC/laptop with a built in or external CF card reader
  • Imaging software such as “SelfImage”
  • Burn image onto CF and follow install instructions

Order Upgrade Card & Documentation Kit

  • $150 plus shipping
  • Includes:
    • pre-programmed flash card
    • printed documentation pages
    • Instructions
  • Ordering details to be included in release notes located on the Latest Software page within Support.

Implementing Release 4

How do we actually perform the upgrade?
An Instruction Sheet (IS) will become available and will be located on the Latest Software page within Support. Once an upgrade is complete, reverting back to the previous software version is not recommended.
What release can we upgrade from - if we are two releases back can we jump direct to Release 4?
Determine the software version on your transmitter via AUI and upgrade as required.
Can we utilize one upgrade kit for all of our Nautel transmitters or do we need one per unit?
Every transmitter requires a new CF card so one upgrade kit would be required per transmitter.
Is the upgrade needed on transmitters shipped within the past 30 days?
Determine the software version on transmitter via AUI and upgrade as required.
Can the OS upgrade be made while the transmitter is active?
No, the transmitter must be off air during an upgrade.
How much time off air is required to do the upgrade?
To implement the upgrade can take up to an hour.
Will upgrade require an XMTR restart?


When upgrading to Release 4, will existing preset parameters and settings be remembered?
Many parameters will be remembered however some new items will need to be re-entered as the preset features and structure has been expanded. The instruction sheet for upgrading explains the details.
Do the new presets retain their created and modified dates so I can sort them by date?
The preset is identified by name only.
Does Release 4 add any multi-touch capabilities on the built-in touchscreen rather than using scrollbar?
No, but presets have been redesigned to have less scrolling and more tabs.
When there is a pre-set trip (loss of STL audio), is there an alarm generated now?
There would be a momentary alarm indicating audio is below a threshold and that alarm would be logged (low audio and Mod loss). Once the transmitter changes to the backup preset, there would be no active alarm however the remote status would indicate the new preset was active.
What happens when you have a studio failure and you switch to playlist?
If set up in the preset, an audio loss can change presets with the new preset programmed to play items from a USB.
When can we expect this out for the VS Series?
Preset change over and playlist management already exists in the VS Series.
When a preset is changed on the NV (changing from stereo to mono with no other changes), does the transmitter still reduce power to '0' then rebuild to the former output level when the new preset is selected?
Preset changes do not cause any power fluctuations unless frequency or HD injection level is changed.
If the studio comes back up after a switch to back-up audio, I could miss a good deal of monetary value of spots and other programming without it automatically switching back to the original audio source. Is there a fix for this?
This capability is being reviewed for future product.
What about when the transmitter goes to back-up audio (USB, stream) and bypassed the EAS system and you need to log that in the EAS logs?
This capability is being reviewed for future product.
Is there any automatic switch back to studio?
Automatic switch back to the studio is being considered for future product.

USB / Streaming Audio / Scheduler / Playlist

Where is the scheduler in the menu?
NX, NVLT and VS have a scheduler in the menu.
When will USB Audio and Playlist Manager be available for the NV units?
USB, streaming audio, playlist and scheduler are all on the roadmap for NV.
Will Icecast/audio switchover functionality be coming to the NV as well as the NX?
NX4 supports streaming audio. NV4 does not support streaming audio but it is on the roadmap.
What security is available on playlists?
Security is available on the user accounts, not on the playlist.

Flash / Mobile AUI

Is AUI V4 still using flash? Can you connect to V4 from a device that is not flash enabled?
AUI uses Flash which provides the richest possible display environment. There are 3rd party applications that allow the AUI to be viewed on non-Flash devices. Mobile AUI is under development.

Compact Flash Card

Are automatic online upgrades built-in to Release 4 instead of having to swap out the CF card?
A CF card swap is required when there is an OS change. NV4 is an OS change so a CF card change is required.
I’m mobile, to upgrade a NV5LT, do I use the CF card or can I upload the new AUI remotely?
Release 4 is currently for NV and NX products, and not NVLT. NVLT already contains most of these features. NV5LT does not have a CF card.
Why not just replace the card with the new setup? I would rather keep my old OS that works and see if the new one works better. Is that an option?
Release 4 is based upon a Linux/OS update; it is not possible to run the new firmware on the old OS.
When you are swapping out OS via CF card, do you lose your transmitter’s configuration?
Some information in the presets will need to be re-entered. Details are explained in the upgrade instruction sheet available through customer service.


Any implications of running this release with MDCL on NX?
There are no issues running MDCL NX4.

Remote/Local Control

Has the remote/local control issue been addressed?
Local/remote control on NV and NX has not changed with Release 4. NVLT and future products however will have ‘remote enable’ as oppose to ‘local/remote’ meaning local control will always be enabled. This should address the concerns of visiting a remote site and possibly forgetting to return the transmitter to remote control.

Omnia Direct

Will Omnia Direct work with NVLT?
NVLT requires a circuit board/exciter update to work with Omnia Direct. This is currently being implemented and should be available late summer 2013.


SNMP latency has been a big issue for my VS units, any improvements?
Release 4 does have improvements to SNMP latency and includes traps.
Does Release 4 support Syslog as well?
Is the 16bitIDs SNMP issue resolved?


Is there a VU monitor L n R audio decoded from the RF monitor?
Is RDS now on IP on NV Series?
Yes, NV4 supports ASCII and UECP over IP as an RDS data source.
Does Release 4 allow custom screensavers on the built-in touchscreen?
Is it possible to add a TDR function to the operating system?
Not being considered at present but something we may examine in future.
Is phone home support standard or is it an add-on?
Phone home will be standard when available.
Does Release 4 address the very slow response time when issuing commands via a Burk Plus Connect box?
There have been efforts to improve SNMP speed along with the feature of traps in Release 4.
Does this resolve the issue of the AUI locking up occasionally?
AUI stability has been improved dramatically with Release 4.
Regarding saving meter layouts, will you be able to setup a user to have ONLY a certain set of meters WITHOUT the graphical display windows?
Every user can have their own configured meter list. All meters and instrumentation are available to all users.
Can the spectrum analyzer function show the entire waveform down to the baseline?
The RF spectrum analyzer has a finite span and is meant to show typical IMD components associated with HD and DRM transmission. The audio spectrum analyzer can display composite spectrum.
Regarding the audio loss actions, will it be possible to have a failback option? i.e. if my main AES input goes silent for 10+ seconds, the AUI would switch to an MPX input, until it detects audio on the AES input again?
This capability is being reviewed, stay tuned!

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