Nautel offers an installation and commissioning service to customers who want ‘turnkey’ commissioning of a new Nautel transmitter. Nautel technical personnel will spend up to three days onsite, performing installation, configuration and testing.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the following stages of installation have been completed prior to the arrival of Nautel personnel:

Nautel’s service representative takes full responsibility for commissioning the transmitter, connecting all external interfaces (for example, the AC supply, RF output, remote control and monitoring equipment) and checking out the equipment prior to activation. The representative turns on the transmitter, performs all adjustments and set-up procedures, and carries out ‘proof of performance’ tests at the site. These tests ensure that the transmitter is operating normally in compliance with its specifications. The service representative also provides a demonstration and a short explanation of the operation of the transmitter. Finally, the customer signs an “Acceptance of Installation Certificate” that provides feedback to Nautel regarding the commissioning service.

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