Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are required when a customer is purchasing a part or service from Nautel with pre-arranged credit terms. Learn more about Nautel’s purchase order requirements and exemptions.

Installation & Commissioning

Nautel offers an installation and commissioning service to customers who want ‘turnkey’ commissioning of a new Nautel transmitter. Nautel technical personnel will spend up to three days onsite, performing installation, configuration and testing.

Extended Warranties

Nautel’s standard 48-month warranty provides excellent coverage and satisfies most customers’ needs. However, for customers who want extended coverage, Nautel offers one and two-year Extended Warranty Plans to cover electrical and mechanical repairs or replacements for all Nautel equipment.

Repairs & Exchange

During the transmitter’s warranty period, repair of modules is performed at no charge to the customer. North American customers can take advantage of Nautel’s module exchange service. This service gives customers a fast and efficient solution in the event of a hardware problem.

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