As one of the world’s largest radio transmitter manufacturers, Nautel can tackle even the largest medium wave or long wave deployments and integrations.

We offer the following comprehensive integration services for your project:


Broad Design Capabilities

Our large engineering team is focused on developing highly innovative, industry leading products while maintaining Nautel’s reputation of building solutions that can withstand years of trouble-free service in the field.

We can easily adapt to whatever methodology is required for a project and have a track record of designing ‘engineered’ systems.

Extensive Experience

Nautel’s outstanding reliability, global presence, efficiency and exceptional support have resulted in more than 15,000 transmitter deployments in 177 countries.

Our team includes 40+ highly experienced engineers as well as technical support staff with over 131 plus years of combined industry experience, thousands of field hours and a reputation as the best and most knowledgeable in the industry.


Seasoned Professionals

Nautel’s seasoned professionals and dedicated project managers help to ensure all details of your installation are expertly addressed.

Turnkey Solution

Nautel can provide all aspects of deployment and integration including, site survey, commissioning and coordination of third-party specialists.

International financing can also be provided as part of your total Nautel solution.


Multiple Locations

Nautel operates two North American production locations with high power test facilities, as well as 24/7 emergency support via three locations including Quincy, IL, U.S.A.

A comprehensive stock of commonly required replacement parts can be shipped quickly via warehouses in Memphis, TN, U.S.A., London, U.K., and India.

For more information on Nautel Integration Services, please contact your local Nautel Sales Representative.
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