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Fred Baumgartner, writes about TV transmission, what we’re doing, and what you’re doing and thinking.
Fred Baumgartner, TV Product Manager
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TV Update: Oct 19, 2016

Fred asks, “How big can an SFN be?” With the pending shift to ATSC 3.0. and TV moving towards SFN OFDM networks, Fred discusses why the biggest limitation on SFNs is not the technology.

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TV Update: Aug 9, 2016

Fred covers TV Translators and the conversion to ATSC 3.0.

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TV Update: May 12, 2016

Between repack and ATSC 3.0, the next few years are likely the most tempestuous in North American broadcast’s brief century. It didn’t go without notice among some at NAB that the new TV might be a path for good old radio too. In this issue Fred explains why.

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TV Update: March 29, 2016

Fred talks about the game-changing ATSC 3.0 transition which will be a hot topic at NAB, and the huge impact it’s going to have on the TV broadcast industry.

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TV Update: November 18, 2015

Fred declares transmitter engineers as the Green Berets of broadcast engineers as he reminisces about the importance of safety, especially in the ‘stupid hours.’

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TV Update: September 16, 2015

Fred discusses the TV spectrum repack; what it means for broadcasters, the industry, and the FCC.

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TV Update: July 28, 2015

TV bandwidth is becoming increasingly valuable but when you rescan your OTA TV you might be surprised to see how well the bandwidth is being used.

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Spotlight Interview: Meet Fred Baumgartner

An interview with Nautel’s TV Product Manager, Fred Baumgartner.

Meet Fred; learn how he got in to broadcasting, his first broadcast job, his first TV transmitter installation, his path to Nautel, and his vision for the future.

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