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Fred Baumgartner, TV Product Manager
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Compact, Reliable, All-In-One

Nautel’s new low-power, NT150/NT250 UHF transmitters combine an advanced modulator, amplifier, remote control, adaptive pre-correction and even a mask filter, all in one, compact enclosure. The NT150/250 is an ideal platform for low-power TV broadcasting, retransmission or gap-filler applications.

The new NT500/NT1 UHF transmitters use OPTIPOWER®, a market leading enhanced adaptive pre-correction technology for maximum optimization of transmitter power efficiency and/or transmitter MER performance. Optipower is available as an option on the NT150/250.

Best of all, this reliable new NT platform is backed by Nautel’s renowned worldwide support and four-year warranty.


  • UHF Wide Band 470-810 MHz / 860 MHz
  • LDMOS technology power amplifiers
  • Remote control & monitoring via Ethernet
  • Seamless Input Switching
  • Size: 19” Rack Mount Type 4RU / 5RU / 12RU
  • Weight: 29 kg / 32 kg / 35 kg / 75 kg
  • AC 185-305V, 1 Phase, 50/60Hz
  • Major Digital Transmission Standards including DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC and ISDB-Tb

Select Your NT

Nautel-NT-150-Digital-UHF-TV-transmitter Nautel-NT-250-Digital-UHF-TV-transmitter Nautel-NT-500-Digital-UHF-TV-transmitter Nautel-NT-1-Digital-UHF-TV-transmitter
NT150 NT250 NT500 NT1
DVB-T            DVB-T2            ATSC            ISDB-Tb
Output Power* 150 W 250 W 500 W 1000 W
Frequency UHF 470-810MHz UHF 470-810MHz UHF 470-810MHz UHF 470-810MHz
Height 4RU 4RU 5RU 12RU

* After Mask Filter
Nautel TV & NT Brochures »


Nautel’s NT Series packs a lot in a small package with its built-in modulator and even a mask filter in the NT150 and NT250.

Equally important is its clean design that permits easy access to all components for easy maintenance.




The Nautel NT Series incorporates an advanced digital modulator. Integrating the modulator allows Nautel the ability to optimize the design for overall transmission performance and offer integrated control.

Sophisticated linear and non-linear adaptive pre-correction ensures outstanding spectral compliance and the highest standard of digital transmission performance.


To achieve optimum performance the NT150/250 not only incorporates the digital modulator but also the mask filter.

This helps you get on the air faster with a cost-effective solution and one source for support.




In addition to a front panel LCD that offers quick control of key functions, NT transmitters support Nautel’s renowned Advanced User Interface (AUI). An extensive array of parameters is available in real time at your fingertips. Spectrum views are standard on the NT500/NT1 and optional on the NT150/NT250.

Imagine knowing in advance what parts and tools you’ll need at the transmitter site. No matter where you are, you’re only moments away from ensuring your NT Series transmitter is operating optimally. Open a web browser, enter your transmitter’s IP address and password and you’re connected.

100% of the local NT Series display functionality is available on any web-enabled device. Having that much control remotely can help you avoid trips, save time and save money.

Learn more about Nautel’s Award-Winning AUI >>


The NT Series is designed for quick and easy deployment. Simple air-cooling and an efficient 185-264 Vac switching power supply make it a suitable match for all facilities.

Optional rebroadcasting and main/alternate standby configurations can be selected to address your specific transmission needs.

Nautel has built its reputation on rock-solid, on-air reliability. The NT Series shares that heritage by way of a conservative design to produce as much as 50% more than its rated power.

Learn more about how Nautel builds the world’s best transmitter >>




Nautel equipment is known for its on-air dependability and exceptionally long life. Nautel has never discontinued support on any product it has introduced, underlining our commitment to broadcasters.

Our seasoned 24/365 support team and extensive parts inventories will be ready to serve customers worldwide. Emphasizing the confidence Nautel has in its products, we provide one of the industry’s longest warranties at four years.

Learn more about Nautel’s outstanding Customer Support >>

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