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Hal Kneller is a 40 year veteran of the broadcast industry working both as an engineer for WGCU, WGSM, WCTO, WPAT as well as owner/operator of five of his own stations.
Hal is a past International Sales Manager for Europe for Nautel. He also worked for iBiquity Digital Corporation as Director of International Broadcast Development where he played a pivotal role in the promotion of Digital Radio.
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by Hal Kneller

It’s a busy time of year for digital radio. First the major news on the DRM front; Nautel has now received orders for 27 high power DRM-MW-AM transmitter systems from All India Radio as part of AIR’s digital conversion initiative. These are the largest high power AM transmitter orders in company’s history; 4.9 Megawatts in all. The orders include transmitters, DRM modulators/content servers, antenna coupling equipment, test loads as well as engineering services.

The orders are for six Nautel NX300 (300 kW MW-AM transmitter), ten NX200 (200 kW transmitter) and eleven NX100 (100 kW MW-AM transmitter). The systems will be used at AIR sites throughout India. The Nautel NX series is the world’s most modern, compact and efficient transmitter in its class. This is part of AIR’s program to convert all medium wave transmitters in India to DRM digital transmissions. Short wave transmitters are also being converted to DRM with several already on line.
John Abdnour, Regional Sales Manager for Nautel in the Asia Pacific has been working on this project for more than 3 years. “It is very gratifying to have received this large order at Nautel. Working with a team of highly competent engineers behind the scenes has made this possible and we look forward to being the major partner with AIR in this exciting conversion to digital radio”.
His words were echoed by Ruxandra Obreja, Chair of the DRM Consortium, who welcomed this grand-scale development; “When all these transmitters are on air, with the extra content that will be made available, India will be probably the largest digital radio country in the world. This roll-out should encourage chipset and receiver manufacturers to produce more DRM receivers.

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas (USA) from 8-11 January with the introduction of some 20,000 new products for consumers. Semiconductor manufacturer NXP demonstrated reception of a live DRM broadcast with their multi-mode digital receiver chip.

iBiquity Digital had lots of HD Radio™ news pouring out of Las Vegas as well.

The headlines:

  • Real time traffic information in Mitsubishi Outlander automobile via HD Radio technology (first OEM). Features also include Artist Experience (graphics) and iTunes tagging.
  • New cars now featuring HD Radio receivers were featured at the show:
    • 2013 Chevrolet Traverse (Artist Experience)
    • 2013 Ford Fusion (iTunes Tagging)
    • 2013 Toyota Yaris (Standard with HD Radio Technology)
    • 2013 Ram Pick Up (First Chrysler vehicle with HD Radio Technology)
    • 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe (First Hyundai vehicle with iTunes Tagging)
  • Many cars added additional features or have HD as standard including Toyota & Lexus with HD Radio traffic.
  • A total of 60 new receivers were shown at the CES.
  • Active Alert, emergency messaging for public service shown at CES.
  • Broadcast Traffic Consortium (BTC), Nautel and Corus testing traffic over HD Radio data service in Canada.

iBiquity now says 150 models of new cars feature HD Radio receivers across 29 brands and 10 million receivers are now in the market.

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