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Hal Kneller is a 40 year veteran of the broadcast industry working both as an engineer for WGCU, WGSM, WCTO, WPAT as well as owner/operator of five of his own stations.Hal is a past International Sales Manager for Europe for Nautel. He also worked for iBiquity Digital Corporation as Director of International Broadcast Development where he played a pivotal role in the promotion of Digital Radio.Read more Digital Radio ShowcaseHD Radio DRM logos

by Hal Kneller

In this issue:

  • DRM+ Trial in Trondheim, Norway
  • DRM+ Trial at Vatican City (test report)
  • HD Radio™ technology deployed in more and more cars
  • Webinar on MER measurement in Nautel HD Radio transmitters
  • Silabs & NXP introduce multi-standard digital radio chips

Last month Nautel shipped DRM+ equipment to Norway where 21st Venture AS received a grant from the Norwegian government to test DRM+ in Norway. The frequency 94.0MHz was assigned, and Eivind Engberg, head of engineering for the multi-station radio group was preparing for the trial broadcast using Nautel’s VS300 and VS-DRM. Digidia provided a Tenor DRM modulator to round out the system. The operation will use 50 W DRM+ output feeding a multiplexed antenna. A similar transmitter configuration has been used for numerous DRM+ trials in Sri Lanka, India, Vatican City and other locations. There was a seminar and driving tests associated with the trial.

At both the recent NAB Convention in Las Vegas and the New York Auto Show, many more cars are now coming on line with HD Radio receivers, some with advanced features.

  • Honda now has for first time, HD Radio receiver in 2014 Odyssey Touring Elite.
  • Dodge announced the new 2014 Durango SUV as the first Dodge vehicle to offer HD Radio Technology.
  • Cadillac announced the new 2014 CTS with HD Radio Technology as a standard feature.
  • Hyundai – Introduced an updated Equus Luxury Sedan that includes HD Radio Technology as a standard feature.
  • Jeep unveiled their new Cherokee, which will be the second Jeep vehicle to offer HD Radio Technology.
  • Kia Announced the refreshed 2014 Optima, Forte and Soul models will all offer HD Radio Technology.
  • Mitsubishi announced pricing for the new 2014 Outlander and reiterated that this will be their first vehicle to launch using HD Radio Technology for audio, traffic and weather services.
  • Toyota launched the all-new 2014 Highlander, which will include HD Radio Technology as a standard feature. The Highlander will also be among the first Toyota vehicles to utilize the HD Radio system for traffic and weather services.
  • Overall, 33 automakers now offer HD Radio Technology, including recent first time announcements by Dodge and Honda.

Recently the engineering department at Vatican Radio filed a detailed Field Trial Report with the ITU on their trial. The Vatican Radio trial utilized a Nautel VS1 and VS-DRM along with the RFmondial DRM+ modulator and Fraunhofer IIs ContentServer.

MER-WebinarIn case you missed the May webinar on the new MER (Modulation Error Ratio) monitor in Nautel NV Series transmitters, it was recorded and can be found at (along with all the other webinars Nautel has produced).

MER is vitally important to the integrity of the HD Radio transmitted signal because a reduced MER on transmission will cause receiver problems much sooner, reducing coverage in the digital domain.

Join Chuck Kelly and Brian Walker as they walk you through the new tool, now shipping with all NV HD Radio transmitters, and soon, all NV owners will be able to download the latest software version 4.0 at no charge. Within a few months it will be available to VS customers as well, again at no charge.
Finally, two manufacturers of digital radio decoder chips – Silabs and NXP – have announced new products which support multiple platform standards such as HD Radio, DAB, DAB+ and DRM. As we see digital radio technologies spreading around the globe, these universal chips will make manufacturing easier for the receiver industry.

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