Nautel’s Asymmetrical Sideband technology wins a Radio World "Cool Stuff" Award, and a RadioInk "TechINK" Innovation Award.

No one else builds single-cabinet, solid-state transmitters with power outputs of 6 kW – 30 kW in -14 dB hybrid mode and 5 kW – 21 kW for -10 dB.

On this page, you’ll find a number of resources to help you find out more about the HD Radio™ power increase from both an industry perspective as well as how to upgrade existing Nautel FM products.

This power increase applies to FM stations only. With the exception of a few “Super B or Super C” stations, everyone is eligible to upgrade to -14 dB from -20 dB. The FCC requires notification or in the case of an increase beyond -14 dB, a simple application.

Asymmetrical Sidebands

If interference issues prevent the use of increased IBOC injection levels on both sidebands, broadcasters now have the option to increase only one sideband while leaving the other at levels that do not cause interference with adjacent stations, and still achieve maximum coverage of their digital signal.

Nautel includes its award-winning asymmetrical HD Radio transmission capability FREE with all new HD equipped versions of its transmitters. Please note that FCC approval is required for asymmetrical transmission.

Calculate a proposed IBOC power increase using our exclusive Asymmetrical IBOC Sideband Elevated Power Calculator from Cavell Mertz.

-14/-10 dB for Existing Nautel Customers

All GV Series FM transmitters currently shipping contain software to permit operation at elevated sideband power levels (subject to the transmitter’s de-rating chart). For stations which have yet to upgrade, this page may be helpful in planning for the correct size transmitter to meet your goals.

For NV Series transmitters shipped before August 1, 2009, contact customer service for instructions on a minor, free hardware modification and make sure software V2.7 is installed. For NV Series transmitters shipped after August 1, 2009, verify that software V2.7 is installed and sideband power may be raised (In all cases verify maximum power limits before increasing your transmitter power).

Industry Links

Determine if your Class B or C superpower station qualifies for an immediate increase in digital power with the FCC Maximum Digital ERP Calculaor

Look up Station Facility ID numbers with the FCC FM Radio Database Query Tool (for Super B calculator)

FCC Notification Procedure for Operation at -14 dBc

FCC Press Release on Increased IBOC Power Levels

The HD Digital Radio Alliance – Realizing Revenue: Stations That Are Doing It


SBE Ennes Workshop Power Increase – Hal Kneller, NAB 2010

HD Radio Toolbox -14/-10 Solutions – Mike Woods and Hal Kneller, NAB 2010

The Reality of Increasing Power in 2010 – Gary Liebisch, Nautel

Implications of Increasing Man Made Noise Levels On Radio Broadcasting – Charles Kelly, NAB 2009

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