“The NV40 is the best broadcast transmitter I have ever seen.”

-Richard Atwood, Director of Engineering, WYLD

Clear Channel Radio selects Nautel for WYLD operation:

  • Knowledgeable sales staff understands their requirements, quickly answers questions
  • Nautel is well known for reliability
  • Transmitter is small for its power level
  • Operation and maintenance are simple


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Nautel Provides Reliability for New Orleans R&B Station


WYLD is a contemporary station featuring rhythm & blues plus ‘back in the day’ jams for the New Orleans metro area. Director of Engineering Richard Atwood says, “With the competitive nature of our market, we need to sound fantastic, and with the challenging climate of southern Louisiana, we need total reliability from our broadcast transmitter.”

When WYLD began the project to retrofit their transmitter site for HD2 broadcasting, Clear Channel regional engineering VP Dan Mettler began reviewing the options that were available, and selected the Nautel NV40 for WYLD. The main attractions to Dan were the NV40’s small footprint, its all solid state construction, and the fact that the NV40 does not need a combiner to achieve the 40 kW power level.

“Nautel’s sales staff was exceptionally knowledgeable on the product and understood our requirements right away; they were extremely helpful in answering all of my questions immediately without delay,” says Atwood.


“Installing the Nautel NV40 was not a problem at all,” Atwood reports. “In fact, the only problem we had was with the local trucking company who brought us the transmitter – they just dropped it off at the door and didn’t help placing it in the transmitter building even though it was part of the delivery instructions! I and two other engineers managed to move it into place, the rest went smoothly. I called a local contractor to install a new power disconnect and to drop the power lines into the NV40. Nautel sent two support engineers to New Orleans to assist with the commissioning; we powered up the transmitter and it instantly came up and operated as advertised. The Nautel engineers ran a few tests and we were up and going! The support engineers provided us with enough training prior to their departure that it made maintenance a breeze (not that we have had a failure to need it).”

The NV40 went on-air in late 2008. “We are really happy with its performance,” says Atwood. “I really like the all-inclusive aspects of this product. It has a graphical user interface on the front panel that lets you see all of the transmitter’s parameters easily, and the user interface can also be accessed remotely via a laptop computer. It is extremely easy to use; it sounds great and hasn’t given me any trouble at all. Nautel has also been very supportive. I haven’t had much need for tech support but the Nautel folks are always available to help.”

“My final comments about the Nautel NV40– It’s small, it’s powerful, low maintenance, and easy to operate. What more could you ask for? The bottom line: The NV40 is the best broadcast transmitter I have ever seen.”

Richard Atwood
Director of Engineering
New Orleans LA

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