“This transmitter installation was absolutely painless. We literally turned it on and walked away.”

John Warner, Clear Channel

Clear Channel selects Nautel XR6 for:

  • ‘Plug and Play’ IBOC conversion
  • NE IBOC AM HD Radio signal generator
  • Rugged modular construction
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Easy-to-use, customized user interfaces

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Nautel’s XR6 IBOC ‘Plug and Play’ Installation – Absolutely Painless!


When Clear Channel’s John Warner was looking for a transmitter
for IBOC conversion at WOFX (Troy, NY), he chose the Nautel XR6
HD AM transmitter:

Nautel-Customer-Story-WOFX-XR6Designed for ‘plug and play’ IBOC operation, this 6 kW transmitter incorporates an NE IBOC AM HD Radio signal generator along with rugged modular construction, built-in redundancy in the exciter section and extra operational features to ensure reliability with easy-to-use, customized user interfaces.

My sole challenge with this installation was that I had some antenna issues we needed to iron out. Different antennas present different load characteristics to the transmitter, and I needed to make sure we had the proper matching in place. A couple Nautel engineers came to the site during installation, but it turns out they really didn’t need to do anything. They made their preliminary checks, we turned it on and went to lunch. When we came back from lunch, we turned on the HD carriers, and everything performed to spec right out of the box.

This transmitter installation was absolutely painless. We literally turned it on and walked away and it hasn’t missed a beat since we put it on air in July 2006. I have personally overseen over 25 IBOC installations, and this was by far the easiest. I’m very pleased with Nautel.

John Warner
Clear Channel

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