“Nautel equipment is amazing! You just turn it on and it works.”

-Sandy Griffin, Chief Engineer

Jacobs Media chooses Nautel for WMJE-FM:

  • “Nautel’s sales engineers truly understand the needs of their customers and ask the right questions”
  • “When the equipment arrived at the station it was ready for our operation and went in very quickly.”
  • “The transmitter recovers quickly from power bumps and other site problems.”


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Nautel V10 Ensures Smooth HD Operations for Georgia Broadcaster


After a positive experience with a Nautel AM transmitter at another station, and after speaking with other Radio engineers, Jacobs Media Chief Engineer, Sandy Griffin decided to talk with Nautel about WMJE’s upgrade to HD Radio transmission. He reports a smooth process:

The Nautel sales person, Gary Liebisch, was very thorough. Rather than asking sales questions he asked engineering-related questions dealing with the preparation of the transmitter and the site. He was extremely knowledgeable as to the installation details, and when the transmitter arrived it had been set up exactly the way we needed it.

The install went surprisingly well. It was quick and easy; plug and go. No adjustments were needed for our voltage or anything else. Gary Warner, a Nautel field service rep, came down on the first day and within 2 hours the only work he had to do was done – he just made sure the grounding was done right, and the next day his only question was “Are you ready to put it on air?”


Sandy Griffin, Chief Engineer at Jacobs Media with WMJE's Nautel V10

Nautel equipment is amazing. You just turn it on and it works! After installation we did some fine tuning on the audio portion, but the RF section worked phenomenally well out of the box. After Gary Warner left, a major storm (including tornadoes) came through Atlanta – luckily, we didn’t get a tornado but I was watching weather radar and a heavy storm cell went right over the transmitter site. The transmitter didn’t even burp. This shows that the grounding scheme along with the other sections of the transmitter are well thought out. Later in the summer, our main air conditioner at the transmitter site quit – the heat went way up in the room and the V10 just kept working.

The only factory calls I have had to make since the installation were related to learning how to use the transmitter and how the system would do for the proposed HD power upgrade (how do we do that, what is the factory proposing for implementation, etc.).

We are using the V10 in hybrid mode, both analog and HD. We also have the IP remote control that is available for the V10, and we are very pleased to see that that unit works with my PDA phone! It lets me see everything I need for monitoring; it’s a really nice extra.

I’m very pleased with the operation of our Nautel V10.

Sandy Griffin
Chief Engineer
Jacobs Media, WMJE-FM
Selma, AL

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