“The transmitter was delivered on Wednesday and was on the air by Friday.”

-Scott Alexander, President/Chief Engineer, WALX-FM

Scott Communications chooses Nautel for WALX-FM:

  • “Nautel’s sales engineers speak our language and understand our needs.”
  • “The documentation was well presented and easy to understand.”
  • “The redundancy of this transmitter is excellent.”


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Nautel V10 Provides Great FM Operation; Path to Future HD Operation for Scott Communications


Scott Alexander, President of Scott Communications, is also the group’s chief engineer. He admits being a bit nervous about selecting a new transmitter:

Scott Communications is a small, family run group and this was the first new transmitter I had purchased in 20 years. During that time, the technology had changed considerably, and I was concerned about making the right choice in selecting a dependable solid state transmitter.

I made many, many phone calls and talked to engineers. Some of the corporate engineers I spoke with are required by contract to use other manufacturers but when I asked “If it was your station, what would you install?” they all said “If it were my own station, I’d install a Nautel.” Now THAT’s a recommendation! We’re in a lightning prone environment; I was worried about that for a solid state transmitter, but the other engineers who were also in lightning prone areas said they had no problems at all.


Scott Alexander, WALX President/Chief Engineer with his Nautel V10.

Nautel’s sales engineer, Gary Liebisch, is very knowledgeable and knew right away what I wanted to do. We aren’t ready for HD operation yet but wanted the option to upgrade to digital down the road. The V10 gives us that option. Also, the ability to have three phase or single phase options without the expense of an extra power cabinet is really nice. The redundancy that this transmitter has is excellent.

I installed the V10 myself, with the help of my family. Installation was pretty easy since the documentation was well presented and the transmitter was pre-configured for our requirements. We only needed to make a couple of phone calls to Nautel’s customer service technicians while I was doing the installation. The transmitter was delivered on a Wednesday and turned on Friday evening.

It seems like our part of the country has more than its share of problems with AC power. The transmitter has handled these problems very well in restarts and always comes right back. I’m very glad we went this route, and when we decide that digital is viable for this small market, we’ll be ready.

Not having any experience with Nautel, I was a bit nervous at first about the choice we had made. Now that we have a Nautel there is no doubt I made the right choice. Anyone who is looking for this type of transmitter should put Nautel at the top of their list.

Scott Alexander
President/Chief Engineer
Selma, AL

North America Toll Free: 1.877.662.8835
International: +1.902.823.5131

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