Fernando Radio 105 Brazil NV5

"I love my NV5 for its ease of operation, audio quality and convenience of remote access." says Fernando Luiz Parizotto, technical manager at Rádio 105 FM in Guaramirim, Brazil.


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Nautel still services every model of transmitter it’s ever manufactured. Spanning over 40 years, this visibly demonstrates our commitment to our customers. A portion of Nautel engineering time is spent re-engineering assemblies where parts are no longer available, to keep these older transmitters up and running.

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Customer Stories from South America


Fernando Luiz Parizotto, a technical manager in Guaramirim, Brazil wrote to us about his purchase of an NV5 – the first in Brazil.

My story starts when I visited the Nautel booth at NAB 2008 and was pleased to see the NV5, a transmitter we were considering for a totally new site in a new location. I also met Gerardo Vargas, who I commend for always being very courteous and fulfilling everything he promises.

But choosing the NV was not easy; even though I already had a reliable Nautel transmitter, buying a newly released product left me a little worried. However, in comparison to the other two options we’d mapped, the NV stood out and we placed the order.

The new site was lovingly prepared for the new NV5, and on June 3rd we turned on the transmitter. The installation was quick and simple, and I was positively surprised by the ease of operation, audio quality and convenience of remote access.

In Brazil, most broadcasters are big enthusiasts of Nautel and today I can say without a doubt that Nautel was the best choice. I appreciate the experience of working with a truly sensational transmitter!

Fernando Luiz Parizotto
Technical Manager
Rádio 105 FM
Guaramirim, Brazil

Fernando at Radio 105 Brazil using Nautel NV5 AUI

Fernando Luiz Parizotto at Radio 105, Brazil using Nautel's powerful touch screen AUI on his NV5.


Jose Roberto Ribeiro Jardim, Director of Radio Estancia Ltda in São Lourenço, Brazil chose his Ampfet transmitter based on Nautel’s superior quality, price and customer support.

My experience with Nautel began in 1995 when we needed to change frequency and purchase new equipment for AM. Our research began at NAB 1995, when I visited several transmitter manufacturers’ booths. Solid state AM transmitters were well established, but what made me opt for Nautel was the extreme high quality, very good price and ease of maintenance, as well as Nautel’s VIP treatment.

We were the second station to acquire a solid state transmitter in Minas Gerais and it was just the second Nautel transmitter in our state. Since its aquisition our transmitter has worked very well. The few times I needed the support of Nautel, I was very well attended by the live chat option and also by Mrs Amanda Hamlin, who always solved any issues and facilitated the purchase of parts.

If you were to ask if I have a dream? Oh yes! Knowing all the manufacturing facilities of Nautel. My experience with Nautel has been excellent.

Jose Roberto Ribeiro Jardim
Radio Estancia Ltda – AM/FM
São Lourenço, Brazil

Jose-Carlos SA Nautel Transmitters

Jose with his Nautel Ampfet transmitter at Radio Estancia Ltda in Brazil (left) and Carlos with his Nautel J1000 transmitter at Radio Maria in Peru (right).


Carlos from Radio Maria in Lima, Peru tells us why his station has purchsed so many Nautel transmitters over the years; an ND1, ND5, ND10, ND25 and J1000.

My first experience with Nautel was with an ND25 transmitter, which I had not installed but I found the highlight manual sufficient enough to help me repair. We’ve always received excellent support from Nelson Bohorquez, who really helped me with certain problems I had with the J1000.

We purchase Nautel transmitters because they are so completely reliable and come with good technical support. We receive recommendations from friends on the other side of our country who’ve worked with the Nautel brand. We are very grateful to Nautel management.

Radio Maria
Lima, Peru

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