ā€œIn my book, Nautel has the market cornered on Customer Service! The good news is I seldom have to use it, but when I do, it is there and top notch!ā€

-Nathan Miller, Regional Broadcast Engineer, Family Life Radio

Nautel NV Series

Nautel’s NV Series transmitters offer:

  • Highest single cabinet FM power: 44kW
  • Common family and common modules: 3.5kW – 44kW
  • HD PowerBoost option for more IBOC power
  • Ultra compact footprints: 1/2 of comparable transmitters
  • 17″ touch screen interface (AUI)
  • 100% of local interface via the web
  • Advanced instrumentation and management
  • Integral digital exciter with pre-correction
  • Plug-in upgrade to HD Radio Exgine
  • Frequency agile, soft-fail, redundancy


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Nautel Gives Free Upgrade to V5 after V3.5 is Damaged in Transport


A fellow engineer showed me the Nautel Q20 at the Radio Show in New Orleans in 2001, and as a result we both began trying to budget for new Nautel transmitters. In 2008 I was finally able to purchase the Q20 and a V3.5.

In November of 2008 my first Nautel transmitter, the V3.5 was delivered and I opened what appeared to be an undamaged crate. My heart dropped when I came around the front to see the name plate hanging by its corner and seeing the damage to this beautiful piece of equipment. When I opened the front panel, all of the RF modules were crooked because their rails were bent. And that was just the beginning.

I set about taking pictures and emailed them to my distributor, Don Jones and Jeff Welton of Nautel. I talked to Don on the phone and Jeff sent me an immediate email response – both with an assurance that this would be taken care of. My problem was that I was up against a CP deadline.

Early the next morning I received a call from Jeff Welton. He proceed to tell me that he had been on the phone with Nautel’s president, and that they had a solution to the problem if I was agreeable to it. There was a V5 sitting on the factory floor that had been ordered but canceled and it was one channel off from my V3.5. If I was willing to switch out the exciters, they would ship it out at no charge to my company for the shipping or the upgrade. That was amazing to me and I agreed!

KWFL Nathan Miller with Nautel V5 transmitter

I received my new V5 the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and it was on the air that afternoon. It has not even stuttered since and I was able to complete my CP with three weeks to spare. I installed my Nautel Q20 transmitter in May of 2009 and when I had two RF modules fail in the first 90 days, I was told “No Problem”, and the next day received replacements at my front door!

In my book, Nautel has the market cornered on Customer Service! The good news is I seldom have to use it, but when I do, it is there and top notch! Thank You Nautel.

Nathan Miller
Regional Broadcast Engineer
KWFL/Family Life Radio
Albuquerque, NM