“The NV40 was the obvious choice for this project.”

-Jim Stanley, Stanley Broadcast Engineering

“It also had the price point I needed.”

-Clayton Creekmore, Chief Engineer
Nautel NV Series

Nautel’s NV Series transmitters offer:

  • Highest single cabinet FM power: 44kW
  • Common family and common modules: 3.5kW – 44kW
  • HD PowerBoost option for more IBOC power
  • Ultra compact footprints: 1/2 of comparable transmitters
  • 17″ touch screen interface (AUI)
  • 100% of local interface via the web
  • Advanced instrumentation and management
  • Integral digital exciter with pre-correction
  • Plug-in upgrade to HD Radio Exgine
  • Frequency agile, soft-fail, redundancy


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“Favorably impressed by PowerBoost… implementing [it] was relatively easy and straightforward.”

-Jim Stanley, Stanley Broadcast Engineering


“The diagnostics on the transmitter are simply extraordinary. I can see all of the transmitter parameters from my house, and if anything happens that needs my attention, the transmitter e-mails me.”

-Clayton Creekmore, Chief Engineer
HD Radio DRM logos

KDKB – one of the first stations in the industry to implement HD PowerBoost™


Sanduksy’s KDKB, 93.3 FM has been rocking the Phoenix, Arizona market for 40 years. The station has kept Phoenix entertained and engaged in the community, but its longevity had one undesired effect: after 35+ years, KDKB’s transmitter facility began showing significant signs of wear. “The building had serious problems,” says Chief Engineer Clayton Creekmore. “When it rained, water would leak down the walls and cover the floor. The tower was in horrible shape, in fact it had been condemned. We had to find a solution.”

The solution took the form of a whole new transmitter site, on Phoenix’s South Mountain. The site is located in a city park, so Creekmore worked closely with the City of Phoenix to establish the site plan. “This project took about three years to plan out and get approval,” Creekmore says. “We couldn’t simply move to the new location; we had to do a structural analysis, lighten the load on the tower, do a pattern analysis, create the building plan and select a new transmitter at our new site in the Belo Building.”

Creekmore credits Nautel dealer Broadcast Connection (Max Brown and Ken Perkins) with helping to lighten the workload on the project. “Max and Ken are incredibly knowledgeable about RF and transmission,” he says. “They helped with the pattern analysis, structural studies and system design as well as the full equipment list needed for our move.”


From left to right: Ken Perkins, Broadcast Connection; Clayton Creekmore, CE - KDKB FM; Jim Stanley, CE - Stanley Broadcast Engineering; and Ellis Terry, Nautel Sales Manager, Western USA in front of the Nautel NV40.

At the top of the equipment list was a new transmitter. After extensive analysis of all of the high power FM transmitters that could accommodate HD Radio™ transmission, KDKB selected a Nautel NV40, with a Nautel NV7.5 as a backup transmitter. Offering up to 44 kW in a single cabinet, the NV40 is frequency agile, has an integral digital exciter and extensive architectural redundancy. Hot-swap front access serviceability and Nautel’s Advanced User Interface make operation and maintenance easy. “It also had the price point I needed,” says Creekmore, “and the diagnostics on the transmitter are simply extraordinary.”

Creekmore was also impressed with Nautel’s attention to detail, right down to the crates used for shipping. “The crates have shock indicators on them that tell you if the moving company has tilted the transmitter, put it on its side or dropped it,” he says.

Creekmore says this extensive project was made considerably easier due to the people he worked with such as Jim Stanley of Stanley Broadcast Engineering. Jim was on site throughout the facility construction and handled the FCC licensing for Sandusky. “The NV40 was the obvious choice for this project,” says Stanley. “We had some tight requirements with the antenna location and our TPO, which needed to be a minimum of 25 kW to achieve our desired 100 kW of analog effective radiated power. The NV40 met our needs.”

The NV40 transmitter at KDKB is used as the station’s main transmitter and operates 24/7 unless off line for cleaning or if tower work is taking place at the site. Stanley says, “Since South Mountain in Phoenix is a multi-user site, it is occasionally necessary to reduce power or operate from the one bay backup antenna in order to ensure the safety of tower crews working on other facilities in the area. Multiple presets stored in the NV40 make power reduction for tower climbers effortless.”


KDKB selected a Nautel NV40 (NV7.5 backup transmitter) for their HD Radio™ transmission with 25.5 kW of analog output power. HD operation is adjusted for -10 dBc or 2.55 kW.

This project was Stanley’s first experience with Nautel HD PowerBoost™. “Implementing PowerBoost was relatively easy and straightforward,” he reports. Stanley says the station received a replacement exciter with PowerBoost firmware installed, accompanied by a detailed set of instructions. After installing the exciter and verifying proper operation, a preset was created for the NV40 which would incorporate the PowerBoost feature. The transmitter was tested extensively into a dummy load prior to placing it back in service. “To optimize PowerBoost, adjustments were made to the PA voltage while carefully monitoring PA dissipation and PA efficiency,” Stanley says. “The optimum PA voltage setting was determined by spectral compliance with the iBiquity emission mask and minimum spectral re-growth outside the emission mask. Once operating on the antenna system, spectral compliance was again verified.”

Creekmore says the installation went smoothly and after smoothing out a few minor issues, he says operation has been flawless. “Nautel transmitters work really well,” he says. “I especially like the remote access. I can see all of the transmitter parameters from my house, and the people in the studio can see all of the transmitter readings and know what’s going on at all times. Even better, if anything happens that needs my attention, the transmitter e-mails me.”

“I am favorably impressed by PowerBoost,” says Stanley. “The Nautel algorithm for peak-to-average-power ratio (PAPR) detection is ingenious. While introducing a smaller amount of correction PowerBoost can achieve the maximum desired HD peak power value with a lower degree of clipping distortion in the signal. The end result is it makes HD operation at injection levels greater than -20 dBc more economically feasible for broadcasters. The proof is in the spectrum analysis of the transmitted analog and HD signals.”

Creekmore credits the management of Sandusky for making KDKB one of the first stations in the industry to implement PowerBoost. “Sandusky is one of the few private radio companies left, and the owners are just wonderful along with our General Manager Chuck Artigue. They are engaged in every aspect of their stations and really made it easy to pull off this extensive project.” The company has been in business since the late 1800’s, starting with newspapers and Sandusky has five radio stations in Phoenix and five stations in Seattle.

With the Nautel NV40, KDKB is continuing to rock Phoenix with 25.5 kilowatts of analog output power into the antenna system. HD operation is adjusted for -10 dBc or 2.55 kilowatts of transmitter power.

Clayton Creekmore
Chief Engineer
KDKB, Phoenix, Arizona

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