“The Nautel NX25 transmitter was turned on and I was ‘blown away’ by both the vastly improved sound and the noticeably better ‘usable coverage’.”

-Bill Blount, President

AM Precorrection

The NX Series utilizes precorrection that corrects for all primary forms of distortion which typically affect both analog and digital AM broadcasting. The result is dramatically increased linearity and an extremely clean spectrum.

In addition to AM Precorrection, Nautel’s NX Series offers:

  • Industry’s top efficiency: up to 90%
  • 2.7 MHz Direct Digital Modulation
  • 17″ intuitive touch screen interface
  • 100% remote access to the user interface
  • RF and audio spectrum analyzer
  • Integral Digital: HD Radio, all DRM modes
  • The new standard in compact AM design

NX Series

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“Nautel’s NX25 impressed me with its smaller size, new technology, efficiency and cost.”

-Bill Blount, President

The flooded towers at WARV, RI showing the water at 5 ft. At its highest point, the water was above the white fence and tuning unit.


The XR12 located at the flooded WARV station. The water line is visible about 1/3 the way up from the bottom.

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A Story about Nautel Reliability, Savings and Partnership


Nautel has come to my rescue more than once in very dire circumstances!

My experience with Nautel transmitters started when I purchased a radio station in New Hampshire in 2000 that was utilizing a 1996 XL 12 AM transmitter. Since that time, the transmitter has operated efficiently with little trouble or problems. Then, in 2005, I acquired another station in Massachusetts utilizing a 1kw AM transmitter. Again, I have enjoyed great service with no “down time.”

We operate five AM stations throughout New England. So, in 2005 when I needed to upgrade a transmitter at our WARV-1590AM, Warwick, RI station, I went to Nautel for a bid, along with other manufacturers. The Nautel XR12 transmitter was smaller, more efficient, and reasonably priced, so we put the order in and received our transmitter in a timely way.

I really loved the Nautel XR12 transmitter because:

  • It was louder with consistent great modulation!
  • Although the signal coverage was about the same, the actual listenable coverage was much better… meaning, when listening before, the fringe of the coverage area was filled with a lot of noise and static. The Nautel XR12, because of its excellent modulation, filled in much of the fringe area with a much better and listenable sound.
  • Because of its great efficiency, my utility costs WENT WAY DOWN!

Last year, we decided to replace our 15-year old 25kw transmitter at WVNE-760AM in Worcester, MA. Again, we contacted a couple of transmitter manufacturers for bids. Honestly, Nautel AGAIN impressed me with the smaller size, new technology, efficiency, and cost. So, we put our order in for a new Nautel NX25.

To make room for the new transmitter, we disassembled our old RCA standby transmitter. Shortly after it was in pieces on the floor, our main transmitter had a catastrophic failure. After repeated efforts to identify and correct the problem, we were still unable to return it to service.

The NX25 on location at WVNE, MA.

A quick call was made to Nautel explaining our emergency situation. They moved up the manufacturing schedule for us and completed its build out and testing in record time. We were able to overnight the new transmitter to our site and because of its small size and new technology, were able to quickly install it into our facility. Special thanks to our engineer, Blair Harden, who worked tirelessly to get us up and running!

The Nautel NX25 transmitter was turned on and I was “blown away” by both the vastly improved sound and the noticeably better “usable coverage.” Again, what was once fringe coverage was now clean and very listenable. I’m thrilled with the coverage and sound!

Another problem came to us at our Rhode Island station this spring. Literally, “when it rains it pours!” As reported on the national and local news, terrible flooding occurred in the state particularly in Warwick, RI, where we operate our station. The Pawtuxet River flooded and rose 12 feet at our transmitter site. Not only did our tower site get completely flooded, but also our transmitter building with almost three feet of “sewer water” in the building (yes, our transmitter site abuts the city sewer pumping station)!

Because of the high water we were unable to gain access to the transmitter for four days. When we did, we saw that our Nautel transmitter had been flooded up past the power supply into the modules. I called Nautel and they helped us in two ways.

First, they overnighted a J1000 loaner transmitter to us. We easily and quickly hooked it up and we were back on the air. Though we normally operate at 5,000 watts, the signal from this little unit gave us great coverage and sound!

Next, regarding our main transmitter, the Nautel engineers assured us that once we cleaned and let our main Nautel 12kw transmitter dry out, it should come right back into full service. It was with fear and trembling we restored power to the Nautel 12kw, and like the engineers said, the transmitter came right back into full power and service and has been operating flawlessly ever since!

Even though our main transmitter is now back in service, I was so impressed with the J1000 with its agile frequency adjustment, I purchased the unit to be available to our group of stations should they need immediate back-up transmitter operations.

Nautel has been more than a transmitter manufacturer to us. They have become a great friend, coming to our rescue and helping where they could to restore our facilities when we were “down and out.” If you need to upgrade your facilities, please give Nautel a call like we did – to Gary Liebisch or another of their terrific staff. They’ll not only provide you with great equipment, but more importantly, they’ll become your PARTNER!!

Bill Blount
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