Northwestern Media; KFNW


Nautel Phone Home Eases PA Module Resolution While Out of Town


Like many station operations, Northwestern Media staff is spread quite thin. While their engineer was out of town, Nautel Phone Home technology eased a PA module resolution on KFNW’s NX50 50 kW transmitter… and on a Sunday no less!

“Recently while I was out of town, I experienced the power and convenience of Nautel Phone Home in real-time at the NAB show. Thank you for your excellent product line and customer service.”

Gary L. Ellingson, Director of Engineering, Northwestern Media

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Sky Sports Radio


Sky Sports Radio deploys 22 Nautel AM/FM Transmitters: 300 W – 12 kW


Sky Sports Radio network in Australia is deploying a new fleet of 22 Nautel AM and FM transmitters to replace aging equipment in both metropolitan and regional transmitter sites. Ranging in power levels from 300 watts to 12 kilowatts, the 22 unit transmitter order consists of ten VS1s, seven VS300s, a VS2.5, a J1000, an XR12, and two XR6 transmitters.

“It was an easy decision to choose Nautel for our network replacement needs due to their excellent reputation for reliability and support.”

Max Carter, Sky Sports Radio Chief Engineer

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Hurricane Sandy


Nautel J1000 to the Rescue post Sandy


Several New York area stations recall how the ‘disaster-ready’ Nautel J1000 transmitter came to the rescue after Hurricane Sandy.

“Nautel and the J1000 came through brilliantly! The flexibility of the J1000 enabled us to work quickly and be back on air, albeit at lower power, by the evening drive time.”

Stephen Shultis, Chief Technology Officer, New York Public Radio

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Nautel XR12 Transmitter Amazes with Quick, Four-Step Installation


When the head engineer of Broadcast World Philippines, Engr. Mon Bañez promised a quick, four-step installation, our writer, Mar Navarro from Bombo Radyo in the Philippines was far from an instant believer. But in the end, the photo-ops that followed were more time consuming than the installation itself!

Mar Navarro, Bombo Radyo

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MoCI, Saudi Arabia Installs Three Nautel NX200 and NX50 Transmitters


The Ministry of Culture and Information (MoCI) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) purchased three Nautel NX200 and three NX50 transmitters for a station in Jeddah – the first station in the Middle East to transmit DRM radio.

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Radio Veritas


Nautel & Radio Veritas Bring the Good News


“I am more than impressed with the quality of this NX50! I am really happy that we decided on the Nautel and I can’t believe how small the NX50 is compared to what was there before. Technology is really wonderful.

The NX50 achieves an overall efficiency of 88%… the combined efficiency along with the use of AMC will indeed be a blessing to Radio Veritas in terms of the transmitter power consumption and electrical bills.”

Fr Emil Blaser, OP, Director, Radio Veritas

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Crawford Broadcasting


Crawford Saves 21% to over 40% With MDCL


Crawford Broadcasting is one of a growing group of broadcasters building up experience with MDCL power-saving techniques since the FCC started allowing U.S. AM stations to start use this technology in September, 2011. They currently utilize MDCL technology on six Nautel transmitters across five AM stations.

“We have seen savings from 21% to over 40% at our 50 kW stations… and I would challenge anyone to detect that we are employing MDCL.”

Cris Alexander, Director of Engineering, CBC

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MDCL Success Stories


Multiple Customers Use MDCL to Huge Success


More and more U.S. AM stations are converting to energy-saving MDCL technologies to save up to 40% on their power costs. Hear from four different Nautel customers running MDCL on a total of 11 Nautel transmitters – both new (NX) and old (XR, XL & ND).

“We noticed an immediate power savings of 27%… We never received a complaint from a listener about audio quality or bad coverage… and Public Radio listeners will complain if they perceive anything wrong with reception!”

Chuck Lakaytis, Director of Engineering, APB

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Danish Radio


Danish Radio Returns to Long Wave Transmission with Nautel NX50-LW


“Apart from the fact that the programs can now be heard far into Central and Southern Europe, the change also benefits DR by a significant cut in power costs.”

Puk Astrud, Head of Operations

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Radio Disney

Radio Disney XR12 After Flood

Nautel Transmitters Get Radio Disney Out of High Water


“I think Nautel makes the best broadcast transmitters and backs them up with excellent service… if the three Nautel transmitters [an XR12 & two Ampfets] were not of a quality design and build they would not have come back to life.”

Kyle Wesley, Director of Engineering

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South America

Fernando Radio 105 Brazil NV5

Nautel Customer Stories from South America


Fernando Luiz Parizotto, a technical manager in Guaramirim, Brazil wrote to us about his purchase of an NV5 – the first in Brazil.

Jose Roberto Ribeiro Jardim, from Radio Estancia Ltda in São Lourenço, Brazil chose his Ampfet transmitter based on Nautel’s superior quality, price and customer support.

Carlos from Radio Maria in Lima, Peru tells us why his station has purchsed so many Nautel transmitters over the years.

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Nautel Customer Stories from Mexico


Max Corona, an engineering manager in Colima, Mexico wrote in to tell us about his two Nautel J1000’s, a V5 transmitter and his recent purchase of two VS2.5 transmitters.

Miriam Guirado, an electronic engineer in Tijuana, Mexico wrote in to tell us about his Nautel XL-12.

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Radio Esperanza


My Nautel Transmitter – Over 20 years Old and So Reliable I Still Have the Original Box of Spare Parts!


“Brand X, used in several stations around the area, is so finicky and needs so much attention that you wonder why anyone would spend more money just to buy so many headaches when they could have purchased a Nautel.” [Ampfet 5]

Jerry Jeske, Vice President / Chief Engineer

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Nautel’s XR50 Handles KRKO-AM Antenna Destruction with Finesse – NEVER Leaving the Air


“I had no idea we had an antenna problem driving to the site because as far as I could tell, we were on the air. The audio in my car was perfect.”

Buzz Anderson, KRKO Engineer

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Blount Communication Group


A Story about Nautel Reliability, Savings and Partnership


“The Nautel NX25 transmitter was turned on and I was ‘blown away’ by both the vastly improved sound and the noticeably better ‘usable coverage’.”

Bill Blount, President

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Nautel’s Long-term Service and Support Pays Off for KSHN


“The Nautel FM10 transmitter was not only technically superior to the others but about $700 under the next best price.”

Bill Buchanan, President

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Nautel Transmitters; Quick & Easy to Install with Long-Term Service & Support


“I was always proud that something so small and dependable [P400] could sound so good and be so quick to get on the air!”

Gil Garcia, Technical Director

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Nautel’s XR6 Handles Direct Lightening Strike – NEVER Leaving the Air


“What was amazing is that the Nautel XR6 transmitter continued to stay on the air at very low power in spite of the collapsed coils. This is why I thought it had come back on air by itself as I got near to the station!”

Mark Hoenecke, Assistant CE

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Holiday Fire Disaster – When Tech Support is Part of the Team


“Nautel has been our first choice for transmitters for over 20 years… this just adds another chapter in the success story of the company and again asks the question – why would you buy anything else? Thanks very much for the above and beyond the call.”

Dick Cleveland, Technical Services Director, Astral Media Radio Atlantic

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The Easy to Install J1000


“I had a J-1000 on the air in six hours when [the client’s] 40-year-old main transmitter failed and parts would have taken too long to arrive. After three installs, I can report being very happy with the results. Nautel has built a solid, reliable transmitter with the J-1000. This is a transmitter I would not hesitate to recommend to other station owners wanting to replace older, less efficient transmitters, or simply wanting to keep up with the latest in transmission technology.”

Scott Cason, Contract Engineer, Louisville, KY.

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Nautel ND-5 Transmitter Survives Major Flooding at WTLC


“The ND-5 came on at low power. It had not been cleaned out but just allowed to dry in the sun… [it] came on at high power, too, without complaint.”

Don Payne, Chief Engineer

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Portland Radio Group chooses Nautel for FM and AM operations at WYNZ and WGAN


“I did the research, and I chose Nautel [V15 and XR-6] for my HD Radio Installation.”

Andy Armstrong, Portland Radio Group

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Nautel’s XR6 IBOC ‘Plug and Play’ Installation – Absolutely Painless!


“This transmitter installation was absolutely painless. We literally turned it on and walked away and it hasn’t missed a beat since we put it on air… I’ve overseen over 25 IBOC installations, and this was by far the easiest. I’m very pleased with Nautel.”

John Warner, Clear Channel

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