Nautel Transmitter Manuals Online!

Bangor, ME (December 20, 2004)

Members of the Nautel Users’ Group (NUG) can access their transmitter manual(s) online. If you are currently a NUG member, simply e-mail [email protected] with your equipment. You must be a member for access.

Manuals currently available online:

  • J1000
  • ND2.5, ND5
  • XL12, XL30, XL60
  • NA100, NA200, NA300
  • FM1, FM3.5, FM5, FM8, FM10
  • Q10, Q20, Q30, Q40
  • NE30, NE50
  • ND200, ND500
  • ND1250TT
  • ND2000A, ND4000A



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