Nautel Releases New Model in Next Generation of High Power Solid-State FM Transmitters

New GV30 offers a compact design with the full functionality and operational flexibility of the company’s newest high power FM transmission architecture.

Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia — Nautel Limited has released the new, more compact GV30, the latest model in the GV Series of Digital FM transmitters. The GV30 provides up to 33 kW of analog power or 27 kW of analog power in -14dB hybrid mode, and is more than 20% smaller and is even more efficient than its predecessor.

The GV Series, introduced at the Spring 2014 NAB convention, has already been embraced by customers worldwide. Incorporating the broad range of advancements in FM transmission developed by Nautel and its partners over the past seven years, GV products offer unique audio management and processing tools previously unavailable in high power transmitters. Features such as MER instrumentation, HD PowerBoost, SNMP support, SHOUTcast™ and IceCast streaming input, PUSHRADIO™ with scheduler and play lists, Axia Livewire™ IP audio support, MPX over AES functionality, and optional Orban Inside™ onboard audio processing are available to users.

Other outstanding features of the GV Series include:

  • Up to 15% improvement in efficiency over digital technologies introduced only 5 years ago
  • A new Spectrum / Efficiency Optimizer which automatically monitors the transmitter and dynamically adjusts parameters to meet the spectrum mask while maximizing efficiency
  • RDS PS scrolling for song title and artist displays (fed via RS232 or IP), with 25 positions available in the alternate frequency table
  • Automatic audio loss switchback has been added to audio loss switchover, allowing automatic return to the desired audio source once it recovers
  • Sophisticated control via the award-winning AUI, with definable security/access levels
    • A new oscilloscope view for the AUI which monitors audio source signals in the time domain
    • Site control functions have been added for monitoring and control of items external to the transmitter, such as doors or generators
  • Along with MER measurement, a full suite of digital radio instrumentation is available with a spectrum analyzer and constellation view, supporting Nautel HD Reliable Transport
  • Built-in Industry-leading PAPR/Crest factor reduction
  • Robust cabinet and module designs for easy installation, hot swap of power modules, extensive redundancy and field repairable amplifier pallets
  • 90-265V power supplies help keep transmitters on the air even in brown-out conditions

The GV Series includes models ranging from 3.5 kW to 80 kW. Learn more about the GV Series >

Nautel will conduct a Webinar on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST to introduce the GV30 and discuss the features of this new product along with other GV Series models. A second Webinar, discussing the configuration of GV Release 4, will be held on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST. The Webinars will be hosted by Nautel Director of Sales, Chuck Kelly, and GV designer Scott Marchand. To register for the Webinars, visit

“The GV Series takes all of the extensive innovations in FM transmission that our engineers have developed and rolls them into the most advanced and refined digital FM transmitter line yet,” said Kevin Rodgers, Nautel President and CEO. “In the last five years Nautel engineers have brought some amazing innovations to the Radio industry. We’re confident that GV transmitters will give broadcasters all the tools they need for efficient, easy, and reliable digital and analog operation.”

About Nautel
Nautel has emerged as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of broadcast transmitters. With more than 12,000 transmitters deployed in over 177 countries since 1970, Nautel continues to lead the way in providing valuable new solutions for digital broadcasting and other applications.

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