This LPFM’s Time Has Come [with a VS300LP]

Radio World, 08.20.2014, by Mike Starling

whcp-lpfm-rw-starling-barn-1Mike Starling, General Manager and Chief Engineer of WHCP(LP) in Cambridge, MD, is building a community radio station from scratch. We’re glad to report that he has decided to purchase a Nautel VS300LP.

“Most purchases represent compromises between price and quality. I am by nature notoriously cheap… So I’ve looked hard at the costs and benefits of buying off-shore, less-expensive transmitters, and also lower-priced, quality transmitters from the usual suspects. In the end, after looking at them all and listening carefully to the hundreds of engineers in the room at the NAB Nautel User’s Group, I decided to buy a Nautel VS-300. With a sale underway providing the internal Orban audio card option for free, I couldn’t resist making the purchase.”

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Update by Nautel – WHCP makes its debut on July 4, 2015.

WHCP makes its debut on July 4, 2015.

Mike Starling, Manager of the new LPFM station WHCP, Cambridge, MD, sits at the main control console monitoring the AUI of his Nautel VS300. The station made its debut on July 4, 2015 and has been enthusiastically received by the local eastern shore Maryland community.

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