Sun Rays Power 10 kW AM Station [with a Nautel ND-10]

Radio World 02.20.2013, by Tom Vernon

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Less than a year after groundbreaking at Entercom Denver’s KEZW(AM) transmitter site, ribbon-cutting ceremonies were held in October to mark the startup of a 100 kW solar array that powers the station’s transmitter and related equipment.

The company believes this makes KEZW the largest radio station in the United States to be powered by the sun. It says its monthly energy costs have dropped by 80 percent.

What sets KEZW apart from other such installations is the scale of its operation. “Our solar array is able to power the transmitter site 100 percent on most days when there is sufficient sunlight.”

Even in late October, the array was able to power the site fully. KEZW operates on 1430 kHz with 10 kW day and 5 kW night using a Nautel ND-10 transmitter driving a five-tower array.

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