Radio Manufacturer Makes Waves in the Middle East

Digital Production Middle East, March 11, 2014

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One of the world’s largest broadcast transmitter manufacturers, Nautel, gave CABSAT visitors a look at its latest technologies today.

Nautel's John Macdonald (left) and Wendell Lonergan (right) at CABSAT 2014.

Nautel’s John Macdonald (left) and Wendell Lonergan (right) at CABSAT 2014.

Nautel is currently working on two large projects in Oman and India and has a great interest in the Middle East because of its very strong medium wave.

Speaking at the event, Wendell Lonergan, Head of Broadcast Sales said: “We come to CABSAT every year and we do all the major shows in the world. Over the last seven years, we have completely changed our portfolio and become the largest supplier of both AM and FM transmitters, we have new technologies in both AM and FM this year, it’s all about making digital broadcast better.”

“The Middle East Market is good, there is a lot of activity in Saudi, Oman and Kuwait. We are doing business in all of these countries as well as the Emirates.”

According to Wendell, a recent project in India saw the largest roll out of DRM medium wave equipment on the planet; 27 medium wave DRM-enabled transmitters and other equipment were sent to India as part of All India Radio’s transition to digital broadcasting, possibly the world’s largest digital radio initiative to date. 100kW, 200 kW and 300 kW transmitters were placed throughout the country, all configured for DRM30 transmission.

On the FM side, Nautel is promoting Omnia Direct which is one of its newest features in collaboration with Omnia. It is a fully digital transmission chain which doesn’t sacrifice loudness. A single AES-EBU cable between the Omnia.11 and a Nautel NV transmitter carries the baseband signal in digital form.

Also, new this year is AUI (Advanced User Interface), the latest generation of transmitters designed to give engineers more control even if they are far away from the transmitter. The aim is to ensure fast diagnosis of transmission related issues, provide information that allows engineers to be more proactive in their work and ultimately avoid trips to the transmitter site, all resulting in time and financial savings. The AUI can be accessed locally with a user provided laptop and remotely using the internet.

As Nautel is fairly well established now, it is using CABSAT as an opportunity for relationship management, a chance to sit down with clients, show new features and bring clients up to date with what Nautel are doing.

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