KPBS Completes Dual Upgrades [including a Nautel NV20]

Radio World 02.19.2013, by Scott Fybush

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Moving a high-powered FM transmitter site can be enough of a project to consume an engineering team’s entire year. So can rebuilding an entire studio complex.

For the team at public broadcaster KPBS(FM) in San Diego, this past year brought both: a major upgrade to the studio core, and a new transmitter site with better coverage of their target audience.

The KPBS move meant much higher power than the station had used on Mount San Miguel: Instead of a 2.7 kW ERP from its old site, KPBS now runs 25.7 kW ERP from Soledad. That meant a new transmitter to make 9.4 kW of output power, and KPBS turned to Nautel for a new NV20 for the new site. The old Harris Z-Series transmitter on Miguel remains in place; since KPBS(TV) still uses the site, the FM station is keeping an auxiliary facility there.

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