IBC — Live From Amsterdam [Nautel DRM Event Featured]

Radio World, 09.16.2013, by Marguerite Clark

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AMSTERDAM — Despite the cool, rainy weather here in Amsterdam, IBC2013 has managed to keep the heat on, offering a full-immersion into the world of electronic and broadcast media and much more.

Highlights on the radio side include…

…During the DRM event held at the Nautel booth the company emphasized the importance of availability and market penetration of DRM receivers. “In the past, we’ve focused on the technology, but let’s be honest, it was never the DRM technology that held us back — it was receivers,” said Chuck Kelly, director of sales, for Nautel. “We needed to build the demand for receivers, so that receivers are introduced in quantities that permit affordable prices,” he said. “Now that All India Radio has invested more than $60 million in DRM technology, and will be providing coverage to an estimated 1 billion people in the entire country of India, things are changing.”

“They’re working with electronics manufacturers in India to assure that new low cost designs will be available which meet the needs of the Indian public, handheld, table radio and car radios. For now, they’ll satisfy the needs of the Indian public, but we’ll encourage these companies to build more, to leverage quantities of scale, and begin exporting these radios to the rest of the world.”

Kelly went on to say that DRM also offers features to form the basis of a regional disaster warning system which has the power, the speed and the cost effectiveness to change the way these sorts of disasters are dealt with, giving people the necessary time to evacuate…

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