SuperPower FM: GV Series

Very high power FM deployments present their own unique challenges and opportunities. Join presenter Chuck Kelly and guest Scott Marchand in this informative overview of these exciting deployments. Continue reading →

Advanced Features for FM Power Users

Chuck Kelly and Jeff Welton discuss the advanced features in Nautel FM transmitters. Continue reading →

HD Radio Innovation featuring Nautel HD PowerBoost Gen4 and HD Multiplex

Chuck Kelly and Philipp Schmid discuss the newest generation of HD PowerBoost and Nautel’s HD Multiplex technology. Continue reading →

GV Release 4 Features

Introduction to release 4 of the GV Series software. Continue reading →

Meet the New Smaller Footprint GV30 and NV30lt Transmitters

Nautel’s Chuck Kelly and Scott Marchand introduce the new, compact GV30 and NV30lt transmitters. Continue reading →

Introduction: GV Series for High Power FM

Director of Sales, Chuck Kelly is joined by FM Project Lead, Scott Marchand for an in-depth introduction of Nautel’s new high-power FM transmitter, the GV Series. Continue reading →

Omnia Direct [MPX over AES] for Maximum Modulation and Station Loudness

Chuck Kelly and Frank Foti detail the fully digital transmission chain Omnia Direct [MPX over AES].
Thur, August 1, 2013. Continue reading →

Nautel NV and NX Series Release 4 Firmware Update

Nautel sales and engineering staff discuss the exciting new features in firmware release 4 for NV and NX Series transmitters. Continue reading →

Single Frequency Networks

Wed, March 9, 2011. Continue reading →

NV Transmitters for Mid to High Power FM

Wed, January 23, 2011. Continue reading →

Nautel Advanced User Interface (AUI): The Broadcast Engineers New Best Friend

Wed, January 12, 2011. Continue reading →

N+1: Cost Effective Automated Multiple Transmitter Backup

Wed, December 1, 2010. Continue reading →

Introduction to the NV Series (Spanish)

Wed, November 25, 2009. Continue reading →

Introduction to the NV Series Webinar

Director of Sales, Chuck Kelly and FM Project Leader, Scott Marchand discuss the new NV Series of FM transmitters. The webinar covers the features of the new NV Series followed by a live Q&A from attendees. February 2, 2009. Continue reading →


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