La Familia VS, NAB 2017 (Spanish)

Gerardo Vargas gives an overview of Nautel’s VS Series transmitters. Continue reading →

VS300 LP Transmitter at NAB 2016

Christy White, Nautel’s VS Specialist, gives a short overview of the VS300LP transmitter. Continue reading →

VS Series Software Update: PS Scrolling Names at NAB 2016

Christy White, Nautel’s VS Specialist, shows the AUI software update for PS Scrolling Names. Continue reading →

Overview of Enco Push Radio and Nautel AUI with Gene Novacek at NAB 2012

Gene Novacek from Enco systems give a brief overview of the Enco DAD studio automation software interfaced with a Nautel transmiter AUI. Continue reading →

2012 Radio Magazine Pick Hit: Nautel Phone Home

This service helps Nautel NX, NV, NVLT and VS-series transmitter users track, diagnose and repair problems, sometimes even before a failure. The Advanced User Interface (AUI) uses a firewall-friendly Remote Monitoring Database to send data from the transmitter to Nautel to track parameters. Continue reading →

NV and VS Series AUI Instrumentation Overview

Nautel Customer Service Technician Gary Warner demonstrates some of the instrumentation available on the AUI (advanced user interface). Continue reading →

DRM+ Demo with Nautel VS1 and VSHD Digital Box at NAB 2011

Alexander Zink from Fraunhofer IIS and Dr. Jens Schroeder from RFmondial demonstrate a complete DRM transmission chain running live in the Nautel booth at NAB 2011. The DRM demo utilizes a Nautel VS1 transmitter and the VSHD digital radio box for operating the transmitter in DRM digital mode. Continue reading →

VS Series “Push Radio” Overview at NAB 2011 with Nautel Director of Sales, Chuck Kelly

Chuck Kelly walks through some of the features of the VS Series FM transmitters from Nautel. The VS Series features audio over IP, USB back-up and built-in Orban audio processing. Continue reading →

Automatic Backup Using the Nautel VS1 in an N+1 Configuration

Wendell Lonergan of Nautel describes the advantages of using Nautel’s frequency agile VS1 transmitter in a 5+1 configuration. Continue reading →

Orban Overview at NAB 2010 – Nautel

Bob Orban walks through the line-up of Orban Optimod audio processors on display in the Nautel booth at NAB 2010. Among the processors featured is Orban Inside, which is now an option available on all Nautel VS Series low power FM transmitters giving you an industry leading exciter and audio processor all in the same package. Continue reading →

Enco Automation System at Nautel Booth – NAB 2010

Don Backus, VP of Sales and Marketing with Enco Systems, demonstrates the Enco automation system from the Nautel booth at NAB 2010. Enco’s automation system utilizes the Axia Livewire protocol to deliver audio over IP to Nautel’s VS Series transmitter. Continue reading →

Axia Livewire Overview at NAB 2010 in Las Vegas

Axia VP Marty Sacks demonstrates Axia Livewire audio over IP technology live from the Nautel booth at NAB 2010. The Axia Livewire protocol is a standard feature on all new Nautel VS Series transmitters allowing broadcasters to broadcast audio over IP. In addition to IP audio input the VS Series also comes equipped with traditional AES, MPX and L/R inputs. Continue reading →

VS Series Overview at NAB 2010 Las Vegas

Market Development Manager Hal Kneller introduces Nautel’s new lineup of low power FM transmitters, the VS Series. The VS Series offers industry first audio over IP, USB backup and Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI) in a competitively priced, compact rack mountable transmitter. Continue reading →

Orban Demo at the Nautel Booth – NAB 2009

Jay Brentlinger, president and CEO of Orban CRL, demonstrates the AM and FM line of Optimod processors from the Nautel booth at NAB 2009. Continue reading →


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