AUI Companion at NAB 2017

Matt Herdon introduces the AUI Companion; a simple, safe and secure way to access to your Nautel transmitter on your mobile phone. Continue reading →

VS Series Software Update: PS Scrolling Names at NAB 2016

Christy White, Nautel’s VS Specialist, shows the AUI software update for PS Scrolling Names. Continue reading →

Overview of Enco Push Radio and Nautel AUI with Gene Novacek at NAB 2012

Gene Novacek from Enco systems give a brief overview of the Enco DAD studio automation software interfaced with a Nautel transmiter AUI. Continue reading →

2012 Radio Magazine Pick Hit: Nautel Phone Home

This service helps Nautel NX, NV, NVLT and VS-series transmitter users track, diagnose and repair problems, sometimes even before a failure. The Advanced User Interface (AUI) uses a firewall-friendly Remote Monitoring Database to send data from the transmitter to Nautel to track parameters. Continue reading →

NV and VS Series AUI Instrumentation Overview

Nautel Customer Service Technician Gary Warner demonstrates some of the instrumentation available on the AUI (advanced user interface). Continue reading →

Nautel Customer, Radio Veritas 576AM – NX50 Factory Acceptance Test

Vaughan Taylor of Taylor Engineering conducts NX50 Factory Acceptance Test for Nautel Customer, Radio Veritas 576AM of South Africa. Continue reading →

Director of Customer Service, Kevin Rodgers, Demos Nautel’s Data Logging Capability at NAB 2011

Kevin Rodgers demonstrates Nautel’s new technology for identifying and troubleshooting problems with customer transmitters via remote diagnostic software. Nautel’s data logging capabilities allow for transmitter faults to be identified and addressed quickly by Nautel staff. Continue reading →

Nautel Advanced User Interface (AUI) demo

Director of Sales Chuck Kelly and FM Project Leader Scott Marchand demonstrate Nautel’s Advanced User Interface during the introduction to the NV Series webinar. The AUI is being remotely accessed from a desktop computer and is running and NV40 44kW FM transmitter at full power. Continue reading →


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